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  1. Has better battery and network data speed?
  2. Android 7

    true,my next phone will not be a mtk.Learning From Mistakes.i was happy when you released first version of lineage 14.hope to see many updates in the near futures cherse
  3. Android 7

    Pray for mtk Will be in some years
  4. Android 7

    compiling security patch is a complex task?
  5. Android 7

    I don't think developer is working on a new update,she has a life Maybe we will see a Christmas gift
  6. Android 7

    read first post * MTK HWC broken - we can play only up to 720p 30fps video
  7. Android 7

    Dolby,my blue friend,where do i find him? I miss him,she can be flashed?
  8. Android 7

    Battery Statistics? gonna find out in a few minutes
  9. Android 7

    There's no rush
  10. Android 7

    Maybe santa will come with doze improved,keep up the good work graineeg :*
  11. AOSP

    Volum down+ power
  12. Android 7

    well its still in beta stage