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  1. One year passed since I bought the 1S, till today I've been waited for some good updates from LeEco and from other devs to deliver roms to this great phone, but seems everyone is abandoning the phone and I'm tired to see everyday if there are any updates in every forum related to 1S. There were so many potencial to this gorgeous Superphone, but thanks to sh*tty EUI, almost good camera, bad notifications and almost bad everything I say goodbye to 1S and welcome to the new OnePlus 3T. It was great sharing with you opinions and help!! See you around guys!!
  2. I can't enter in the engineer mode I'm more interested activate the manual mode. Already complained in the Chinese support but they don't answer me. I'm curious if the Pro 3 US version has this features activated... The XDA topic is this: Already tried this method but I don't think so it worked, I used camera fv-5 app
  3. That's great, is multilingual?
  4. I don't know... Yes, I understand but didn't do it yet.
  5. Nop, it's x500. Gave me that error 7 and the ROM is for X3 not for x3 hahaha
  6. Tried flashing through TWRP and it gave me error 7
  7. Is the official stable release?
  8. Hey!! Can anyone try to download the full package of the ROM through the official forum? ( http://bbs.le.com/thread-2284543-1.html ) I tried to download the full package of the ROM but without success and tried in the link to weibo but I don't have an account there. Thanks, Filipe.
  10. Hi guys.Today I got the 20S update and I have my x500 1S rooted and with TWRP recovery, can I flash the update through TWRP or I need to go back to stock recovery?Edit:
  11. Hey guys! I'm a little bit of photography enthusiast (amateur level ) but, as you know, the EUI camera has few options, like exposure time and white balance, I usually use the Camera FV-5 app to take photos, but the quality of them are poorer than the EUI camera app. I've done a search and these options have to do with camera2 api, anyone knows how to activate on our Le 1S? I found this link to the Xiaomi RN3: https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-3/how-to/guide-how-to-enable-camera2-api-t3419579 Regards, Filipe.
  12. Didn't try it but Tesla coil have updated the Nova Launcher and it's working fine!!!
  13. Don't know why it doesn't boot, never tried, just trying to help
  14. Did you follow the instructions? 1. Download the ROM 2. After this, "S1_x500-OS-OP-DHXOSOP5500802191S-5.5.008S.zip" file, unzip to a folder on your PC 3. Go to the <folder name you gave> \ the META-the INF \ com \ the google \ android 4. Open updater- script file of Notepad (of Notepad ++) 5. Rename all the places where you will find the "X3_HK 'in" X3 "(Just delete" _HK ") 6. Save the file. 7. Now again make a" zip "all files, which have been raspakovany.Vy can give any name to "zip" file. 8. Insert the "zip" file to your phone. 9. Boot into TWRP Recovery, flash the ZIP.
  15. You already said it doesn't boot... I don't know if it's possible to flash the Indian ROM through the original recovery but to flash the ROM you need to change a file, as it says on the link that I gave you...