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  1. On 1/10/2017 at 12:58, tora33 dijo: wait for qfil here @tora33 pls do a miui rom for this phone :((
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1je-MxyobZH140pZQfXuVvUEvJesPyQv5
  3. i made a mistake and accidentally deleted the backup hehe
  4. when it says that it is installing, it puts a 0 and from there it passes and it says that it has already finished, but it does not install anything and now in the twrp cleaner tells me unable to mount storage
  5. ey, i cant install it, AROMA dont install nothing
  6. the backup is very heavy, I'm putting it in a pendrive and it costs a lot, I hope to get it and I try the rom Sorry for my bad english
  7. I'm doing a backup and I'm going to try it right now
  8. How? @tora33 ey, what can i do with the fingerprint
  9. How? With tora ROM And nothing more?
  10. @tora33 how are u with the fingerprint?
  11. @tora33where is ROM with root, 2 links are same, Firgerprint isnt working
  12. i do this and nothing @tora33 what can i do? @tora33 i reinstalled this 3 times and nothing.. and... i dont have backup
  13. @tora33 hello, he stands in the symbol of leeco and he does not move there