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  1. Hey guys, its for the x50x not for our x600. So be carefull.
  2. Hey guys, we need the english Strings from eui first. I think Шпунтик or maple maybe can help us. I think this guys has some Expirience with Jbart. If we got the Strings we should speak about how we pay crowdin since it isnt free. Thats how it works!? Correct me if im wrong. Sorry for bad English.
  3. Hey guys, there are tons of tutorials how to theme Twrp. So dont be afraid of the chinese version.
  4. Hey, just see that someone posted a link on 4pda.ru for linux version off Sp Flash. link: http://mtk2000.ucoz.ru/load/soft/soft_mtk/sp_flash_tool/5-1-0-14
  5. Hi guys, i would love to help u with german translation.
  6. ROM

    hey Guys, i just unterstand that u speak about a translation with JBart. Maybe somone can give us some links for the strings. There is a multilang MIUI on Needrom maybe someone has succes to build a multilang patch for MIUI.