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  1. This firmware will be fully compatible with 4/32 device
  2. Better will be install X722 TWRP, not X720 X722_TWRP_v1.img
  3. I want to say, that I know people who updated to 26S with stock recovery, then back to 01D firmware and update it to 20S. But they did it with real stock recovery from X722, not X720.
  4. Is it real X722 recovery, or it is from X720?
  5. How about back to 001D firmware first? Flash it with stock recovery. And so, where you get stock recovery?
  6. For tora33 rom will be better to skip first item and to flash 20S stock rom via fastboot
  7. Thanks for your great rom! Can you say about your future plans? Do you want to port to X722 users LineageOs, JUI, MIUI or something else?)
  8. Wow. Almost everything is correct. But it is very important how you upgrade firmware. Update from any firmware to 26S via stock recovery gives you working phone with locked BL. Hard brick will only be after flashing via TWRP. I wrote a lot about it at Russian forum.
  9. @tora33, stupid question, what recovery is on your screenshots? In the first post I found non-chinese 3.1.1 TWRP and chinese 3.0.2, but you have chinese 3.1.1
  10. I don't have 26S. I'm on 20S now. I wanted to try your firmware. But before flashing I did an Format Data via recovery, and then flashed your zip. Was it a problem?
  11. Thanks for answer. So, have you tested X722_stable_20s_NoRoot_tora33 on real device? I have soft brick after install it.
  12. So, I'm having soft brick after installing your rom. I can share the log, but in it everything is correct.
  13. Is it based on this firmware? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-9i_XZeFiXUb2dwejlFUWxnQXc/view