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  1. ok thanks guys ! Another question : With my version, then I install the rom "X722_stable_20s_NoRoot_tora33" safely ? Iif so, what are the main advantages of switching to this ROM? (for example, can we have a pure android without eUI ... can we remove the unnecessary apps ... can we then update android ...)
  2. Hello tora33 I have this and I can not change
  3. Hello everyone I am very satisfied with my x722 that I discover even if I have a little trouble with the eUI, but I already have a question: On the play store, I can only download apps su I am in wifi, not in 4g. I changed a lot of parameters without finding the solution ... if someone has the answer? Thanks Philippe the French novice
  4. Thank you Before that, I have to install Twrp Recovery, right?
  5. Hello everyone and thank you to you (especially torra33). I'm a novice. I will receive the x722 in the week from Banggood. Someone could set the operative mode to install the alternative rom of torra33. I have read the 2 pages of the post but I am afraid to make a stupidity. I do not understand the difference between the 3 roms proposed in the first message? tanks