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  1. AOSP

    You are welcome
  2. AOSP

    Ok...now after 2 weeks of using X626 I can say: @Kangburra, your ROM 229 work perfect My daughter use it about 2 weeks and said there is no any single problem She never do not use WiFi hotspot, so for her work as it should She did not faced any single problem until now. And I do not want to flash any new version for now. Thank you 1 more time
  3. AOSP

    No problem all fine here Oh yeah...that is it Launcher 3 permission to Phone
  4. AOSP

    hm..I like this launcher in ROM...does not matter...but it's strange..and there is nothing to set up in settings about it. Maybe I will try Nova instead of Launcher3..if will work will replace it.
  5. AOSP

    In my case Proximity work fine on 229a but direct dial widget do not
  6. AOSP

    Direct call widget do not work...said going to App/Permissions to fix that. But in Apps/Perm. there is nothing to set up about it (or I cannot find...sorry). Tried in Contacts and Phone app, but same problem persist. Maybe you (or somebody else) know how to fix that? Will be really thankful Widgets/Contacts/Direct dial version 229a
  7. AOSP

    Tried now and all work fine. Yesterday night I tried many times and did not worked I am not crazy to tell you lies about it...there's makes no sense about it So I am sorry for fake alarm. Thank you
  8. AOSP

    Ok thanks for answer. Use ROM from yesterday afternoon...found 1 more "bug". When I am in my contacts list and try to find some contact over search bar, not working. When put any letter - do not work. Tried with whole contact name - do no work. Have to scroll all contacts to find person. Except that all work perfect until now. Over night lost 3% on plane mode from 22:00-06:00. Notifications work as they should. You did really very good work. Congratulations EDIT: Quoted wrong post thanks for your answer about Miravision.
  9. AOSP

    And 1 more question, about camera...how to turn off camera sounds? Autofocus and shot. It's too loud and I always turned off camera sounds on every device. Autofocus sounds killing me softly...and slowly EDIT: found some tricks on internet
  10. AOSP

    Hello again Flashed your ROM yesterday and started Xposed with GravityBox. Did not put SIM cards inside (will today), just tested some functions. WiFi work as it should, BT work as it should, GPS work perfect (tested with GPS test app and found many satellites in few seconds...now have to test in real life hahaha). Over night (on plane mode) lost 3%. Rom is really very fast and no any lag there. For now I found 1 bug (I think it is). In settings/display/Miravision/Eye care/blue light defender...when I turn on this filter all is fine until next reboot. With every reboot eye filter goes off and need to turn it on manually. I really do not know is that normal state of this feature or it's bug... Today I will set it completely, put SIM cards inside and will test more functions. For now you did really great job. Congratulations And I really want to send you donation for this. So...when you will open donations (if will), please note me and I will be glad to donate you
  11. Thank you very much and have a nice day
  12. AOSP

    Thanks for your answer
  13. AOSP

    Ok, thank you 1 more time cheers You did not see my question: And what kind of Gapps have to put on? Arm64/6.0?
  14. AOSP

    Ok thank you for your answer. As I said, I did not test your ROM. But will soon...and then I will post my opinion about it I asked you for system partition mount because @ixthUA said: "When i didn't mount system partition i got an error during installation." But he got X620... Is there any way to show battery percentage in not. area? And what kind of Gapps have to put on? Arm64/6.0?