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  1. that guy is a dickhead. Good work @Kangburra
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. Just asking, when will the next update be released? (no need to be in a rush or anything, I just wanted to know)
  4. Hey guys, I just registered and read all the things happening in this forum. So far so good. I am planning to buy a leeco le s3 x626. I have a few questions and I hope you guys will help me 1. Is hotspot working yet? 2. How much does this rom consume ram? (because I saw a video of the stock launcher using more than 1.5gb ram) 3. How long does the battery last on continuous usage? 4. How different is the antutu benchmark on the stock rom and this rom? 5. How well does this phone performs on ookla test speed? 6. How much space does the rom uses from 32gb? 7. Is quickcharge enabled in this rom? Thanks a lot @Kangburra for the dedication given on this project