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  1. MULTI

    Hi You can install the recovery but you can't install customs Roms based en Android 6 The last custom for Indian version is the 12s But you can download on the bbs website the stock Rom (I think the last for Indian is the 19s (or 20s)).
  2. Extra is based on the collection rom, with battery optimisation.
  3. Spzjulien is in stand by, he hasn't the 20s. donation link : https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BHB3FX7CB3RFN (when you donate, send me a private message if you didnt receive Rom link, but ussually i reply quick/fast....so dont post on forum about donation.. thanks) Tomato and sister aa are working with the 20s, but there aren't multilingual.
  4. Make a donation and you will have it Install xposed to custom your phone Look my tutorial to install a custom rom.
  5. Can you send me the source. Ty
  6. @Lenin Is it a free rom ? And send us a screen of settings with the x900 and not GT-N7100
  7. Yes, just wipe cache/dalvik/data and flash the new rom
  8. There are 2 boot bugs : when you still blocke with this screen (powered by android), and when you still blocke on the EUI screen (the second). This bug appears when you wipe the system. It is not automatic, it is rare but sometimes it happens. Flash a custom rom or another rom that work, or a backup. You have to wake up your phone. Don't wipe the system and internal storage, just wipe the cache, data and dakvik. When it wake up, reboot in recovery mode and flash your rom (just wipe cache/data/dalvik), don't wipe internal and system.
  9. Press power and volume -, your phone will be reboot in recovery mode Wipe cache, dalvik, system, data Flash your Rom (20s) Reboot and turn on your phone, Wait it's very long Reboot in recovery mode Flash the root-supersu-Systemless zip Reboot Wait it's very long
  10. MULTI

    You have to install a stock Rom again and wipe cache, dalvik and data
  11. You have to be sure. Look in my description, install a custom recovery and next flash the 20s (sister aa or tomato)
  12. Do you have a CN or an INDIAN version ? Look behind your phone, bellow
  13. MULTI

    Install another rom, reboot, reboot in recovery and don't wipe the system, and it will be ok
  14. FIRSTLY : make a full backup before the manipulation : You have to install a custom recovery. Iin recovery mode : go to backup, SELECT ALL PARTITIONS, swipe to execute. WARNING : you can't restore a data backup if you change the EUI version. Normaly your phone will reboot in botloop. You can restore it for exemple : 19s by cuoco -> 19s by sister aa. But you can try because you have make a full backup. If your phone reboot in bootloop, just reboot in recovery mode (power and volume-), make a full wipe (unselect interne storage) and restore your backup. NEXT you can do the manipulation : 2 SOLUTIONS : When you change your rom, you have to make a wipe before. Select only CACHE / DALVIK CACHE and SYSTEM. DATA = all your data, apps, sms, contacts, stuff, etc.. Don't sélect DATA and INTERNE STORAGE. Flash your new rom, and it's done. You have to make a data backup : -Reboot in recovery mode -make a backup (sélect ONLY DATA and unselect other cases). -Rename it to : data."your version of EUI" or other -Swipe to execute Next make a full wipe (unselect interne storage) Install your new rom, and restore your data backup.