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  1. This version is already posted.
  2. The same, I sold my x900 for a Xiaomi mi mix, awesome!
  3. Do you have make a donation before? To have spzjulien's Rom? Send me a pm
  4. You have to download the sister aa 20s. There isn't spzjulien 20s, it's just a multilingual pack.
  5. Yes I have, for the sister aa 20s. By Spzjulien
  6. No issue sorry. The 23 isn't french and there is some little bug like this, so i prefer the 20s with a language patch.
  7. Yes you can
  8. the x900 won't never have a lineage OS rom, because this model is old and it is little sold
  9. It's hard ^^ Look here
  10. He isn't active for this time. Send me a pm with the transaction number and screenshot.
  11. When you flash the stock rom, the stock recovery is installed too. But sometimes not, retry
  12. Install teamviewer, and send me your id and pass (at approximately 19h30 in france). I will do it for you
  13. What can't you open ? Twrp ? Your system ? Unlock system ?
  14. Retry, retry, retry... Connected to the charger, press volume up and power (30s approximately). Or volume down and power. Retry retry retry Wait retry retry retry =)
  15. Add your screenshot like on frandroid, it's better. Just copy