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  1. It's an international forum, please speak in english.
  2. En/Cn

    @Flor Store spamming please.. It isn't. And the spzjulien's version isn't available
  3. Try tu reflash à stock Rom, or the same, with full wipe (except Interne storage
  4. Hello If you're a geek like me who uses his phone all day, I advise you to don't command a x900, just for one raison : the battery life. You will probably be 30% at the end of the day, but if you play just 30min, it's dead, you have to carry an external battery. And personnaly I love this phone, but i don't like EUI. I advise you to buy a mate 8, The price goes down more and more. If you want to buy a LeEco phone, the x820 is very good
  5. I think yes
  6. It's an international forum, please speak in english.. No it isn't
  7. Install the module LED on xposed
  8. It's simple but it's working, I tested it. I bricked my phone 6 month ago, and I had press lot of time power, power volume +, power volume -, for a long time and my phone woke up
  9. En/Cn

    On 18s (cuoco, spzjulien), not with the 20s.
  10. En/Cn

    There isn't ota update. All is working
  11. There are few tutorials..
  12. As you want, both
  13. En/Cn

    Look in my description There isn't bug. But you have just to active the data connection in the download app. If not you can't download with data
  14. Good battery life, no bugs