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  1. No idea sorry
  2. Did you active the good quality?
  3. Look in my description : x900 pack Go inside and download adb drivers
  4. You have to wipe your data and not Interne storage. But you HAVE ALREADY a custom recovery, so just change it
  5. Android 6 isn't for indian version
  6. Just reboot, active the debugage USB, flahs the last recovery 3.0.
  7. Because it's a human, developper isn't his job, he has a life too
  8. Don't spam, 1 topic for one question. Look at screens :
  9. Ah sorry, i make a mistake You have to buy a Thermal cleaner, it's like a hair dryer. With this item you can melt the glue and replace the display
  10. What do you mean about the display? Lockscreen? Homescreen?
  11. CyanogenMod is out, it will be never
  12. Hi @Mehedi Ask you question in the topic : Eui Rom develop, in the first page. I think you will have more answers. Good luck
  13. You can install the last version of xposed, no problem. But I don't know if gravity box is working Not for me, but it's possible. Make sure you have your pc next to you Reflash the recovery if the stock is installed
  14. Creat a new topic, thank you =)
  15. Just change your region for china and reboot