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  1. MTK

    Does this recovery works for the X626/X622 models?
  2. AOSP

    How about the camera on this ROM is it any good? Thank for your work though :-)
  3. AOSP

    Hello to the LeTV conmunity. As LeTV is dying is good to have user support ... Anyway I just picked up the Le S3 (MTK) during a 11/11 flash sale for only 85euro (!!!) Some questions though: Will I have to flash the same TWRP recovery as X620 or this is going to brick my device? Is the stock ROM any good? (even the debloated one) How this rom compares to stock (mainly the camera) Has LeTV released kernel sources for this device? If not can we build from Vernee Sources? Also is it possible to go beyond 6.0 (as 6.0 is quite old and I see that the Lineage Os 14 has many major bugs) Thanks for your work
  4. AOSP

    Does the ROM supports 4k recording?