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  1. you shoold delete this post until you gave some thing to download
  2. Sería bueno !!!! Entonces usted podría vender la idea a LETV ... hhhhhhhh Gracias de nuevo por su arduo trabajo y su disponibilidad
  3. Su ROM y tan bien hecho que sería una pena no compartirlo para beneficiar al máximo número de personas. Gracias por su precioso tiempo
  4. Hi, Maybe you have to make new thread for the 26S !
  5. better than 23s. i will see how battery performs. really good word . keep it Mr WoRFReD
  6. downloaded ! in test seems good. Can anyone make language patch for purple or stock 26S ., it will be goood ............................................................. thank's for sharing
  7. Ihave had this problem with Purple and Stock 23S & 26S and also BB72 20S. SO it's EUI problem
  8. it happen randomly. some times without doing anything. i do not knew what it is ... it seems that there is some thing wrong with EUI. i'm waitin for V4 of Slim MIUI or at leat i'll flash aosp