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  1. When I'll get home I'll put it in Mega MEGA
  2. I think that I have a great error of perception! From the beginning where I signed on this forum, I believed that everyone made for this community without any conditioning and the appreciations comes natural, according with the individual evaluation or perception and not apply a limit for share Sorry for this but according with my principles, I can't subscribe that! All the best!
  3. From my pont of view, this version work excellent and haven't any issues until now http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-905872-1-1.html
  4. In same time, in total come out 3 version of purple I suggest you in earlier post that version because I tested all version and that version it's the best
  5. Flyme 6.7

    If you want a recommendation, I suggest this rom, which it's excelent http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-905872-1-1.html
  6. Flyme 6.7

    Nothing new, it's the same bugs
  7. Flyme 6.7

    If you want, I succeeded to download, but it's the same like earlier version and also has APN bug
  8. @Donkin I have a question In this official rom, modems is the last version (18.05.2017) which put you in 4PDA forum or it's another version? Thanks in advance for answer
  9. @Kangburra well, I discover what happened with fingerprint The fault for this is ... Nova Launcher (I don't know why) Work very well without Nova
  10. Ah,ok.I this way I done.But...
  11. Sorry but I don't understand You say that it was already installed apk and had to be installed only the xposed.zip?
  12. I installed this version and until now it's OK Only the fingerprint which don't work.I don't know if has a connection with xposed but before install (xposed) work and after not. I'll continuing to testing Well done!
  13. Kingoftf, I don't know if you solve this issue but regarding the install from USB Stick OTG, I had the same situation, where with almost all the TWRP (BB72,Chinese,Kangbura,MIUI) not recognized the stick But I have a pleasant surprise when I put the TWRP and finally I flashed directly from USB
  14. If you restart have connection? (by the way, seems this version have a lot issues)