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  1. @Kangburra what is difference with Nova launcher in data? Also, I can't to enable developer options
  2. Confirm that and also I have some error message about system.I returned to 2.1
  3. Yes,for me work installed SU
  4. Kingoftf, I don't know,maybe it's some issue with SU I flashed the ROM ,boot very well even take a long time (after 10 min !!) and after that reboot again in recovery mode and flash SU Also, it's a significant delay when SU permit root access for a programme
  5. Congratulations Mike! Very good tutorial and of course the ROM Well done and Merry Christmas!
  6. Go to the "App management", in the bottom press "Default apps" and in "Launcher" choose what program want to be the default
  7. Convertor, it's the same version from other thread ( [MTK X20 ROM] EUI 5.9 20S Stable Beta Version on Mega - @pete80pro) I put the link a few hours ago
  8. source is from previous discussion from @pete80pro http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-711511-1-1.html
  9. I did it finally to download EUI5.9-20S (11.20) https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApOZS7t0_mVTgdxJXgr7-DlIpwTPJQ
  10. Thank you kingoftf for source I asked the source,because this variant posted 4 days ago (11.16) and have not quit good reviews (what I understand from google translate) The previous variant (11.15) it's amazing from battery consumption (it's a best ever rom until now which I tested)
  11. @pete80pro Will you indicate the source for new version EUI 5.9 598 ?
  12. @laikexpert yes, for me all notifications work normal (GMail, SMS,BlueMail,Plus,WhatsApp,Hangouts)
  13. For who try development rom and appear yellow border for status bar and lock screen, in version 595D (I supposed that works and with others) , deactivate USB debugging (from Developer options) and restart After restart doesn't appear (of course activate again USB debugging)
  14. @laikexpert I don't know how proceed others but I can tell you how I proceed every time without any fails First off all, i have 3 types of TWRP (BB72,Chinese and for MIUI) if you have BB72 018S probably you used TWRP BB72 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/1z5cgqps5fl83ob/Letv-X620-Twrp-3.0.2-0_5_8eui_BB72.img) I want install dev. rom from BB72 TWRP I install an image a TWRP Chinese (http://www.mediafire.com/file/ch2ufwd91a7a0i0/Official_China_TWRPrecovery.img) and restart not in system just in recovery again and after that you have installed chinese recovery and usual install a rom If you want come back in BB72 recovery ,in recovery install image at TWRP BB72 ,reboot again in recovery and you are again TWRP BB72 For MIUI a proceed at same but with MIUI recovery (http://www.mediafire.com/file/4ercz04whn4rnif/TWRP-MOD_for_MIUI.img) I hope that I was clearly
  15. I tried this version of 5.9 (http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-706252-1-1.html) For my point of view it's the best rom of other development roms Have a decent battery consumption until now (it tested from yesterday) , haven't yellow border (status bar, lock screen), all notifications work Will see after few days how it behave
  16. I have Chinese TWRP and I haven't this issue
  17. It install from TWRP
  18. Try official 18S. It's perfect