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Everything posted by gabi

  1. I don't use this I used from this link the last version v87-sdk23-arm64 http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/sdk23/arm64/
  2. Honestly, I haven't any idea, maybe Kanburra know much more
  3. what xposed framework you used?
  4. That is very weird! I don't know, maybe reflash again
  5. I have the same and is not a problem.Delete the current fingerprint and setup again new fingerprint . Theoretical must run ok
  6. Yes, the fast charge working very well in V99
  7. From LO13 version 49 to AOSP v99 must wipe everything?
  8. Just like information,you tried to port camera with decompile classes.dex (from framework.jar) ?
  9. It's much better the battery consumption from the previous version.The trend is OK.If you will succeed the same improvement (with battery) for next version (compare v49 vs v48 ) will be almost perfect.Also, it would be perfect if can integrate the LE camera. Congratulations!
  10. Hi pete, know you if exist a possibility to change control center in original ?
  11. You talk about the version 49?
  12. But if you can open the app must configure how you wish
  13. You talk about how you open the "Flat Style Bar Indicators" ?
  14. I don't understand what you mean about "to make flast style bar indicator"
  15. How can I uninstall Chinese app ? I tried with titanium and root uninstaller and don't work
  16. I think that it was v44
  17. I haven't this bug, last version v48 and previous v44
  18. You have version 47? Because previous version I saw that it was 44
  19. read a few posts above
  20. this http://opengapps.org/?download=true&arch=arm64&api=6.0&variant=pico
  21. I used pico from here https://devs-lab.com/android-gapps-download.html