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  1. Hi, I have a problem. I have a lot of freezen digitizer or ghost touching only when i try unlock phone. I have to restart 5 times a day. I can make ss, i can hold power to show off menu, when lockscreen is bug but i cannot unlock. After restart is ok, and 1 h later this same bug
  2. Is it a stock launcher on ss? And there is a theme/icon pack with white icons?
  3. How to change the google voice from dock to other app like contacts?
  4. I think you meant about lock screen, I checked this 5 times, my friend too, i cannot find that option. About grid i dont see it in buildprop
  5. Hi. how to change home grid to 4x5 and small icons and where is option to remove screen lock when I have lock pattern?
  6. MULTI

    Why the sound is so loud and shit quality on speakers. In messenger sound typing message is 2x loudes as in eui, media volume 1/4, ring too.
  7. MULTI

    Hi, installed 2 times, after backup (titanum backup) i have something like bootloop, system is on, 1 second after show locksreen restart, clear instalation works good. What is wrong? Solved. Account backup is not allowed
  8. 3 times screen frozen, like the digitizer is off and need to restart phone.
  9. Installed like normal app and this same, i`ll check via twrp Edit: Installed via twrp and everything ok, language changed. How to set the MTP to default usb connection and how to change touch vibration
  10. not working from me, i cannot grant su fot it
  11. I have a problem with automatically close messenger when i write, its not FC its look like kill the app when i`m using it, 5 times. Aimp with "direct volume control" (with this option sound is better) have a short cuts when change volume, every time form 017s.
  12. Its eui not miui, for miui is other xposed, from eui will not work...
  13. How to change touch vibration level? I can not grand permission to locale &language app, so i cant change language of all my apps. Busy box intstalled
  14. There is 3 different option of 020s, which one did you install? Looks like some stock...
  15. The lang is in one file? Many people have your rom from PL, so we can tranlate it from english