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  1. MULTI

    Happy new year for 2017.
  2. MULTI

    my rom is miui stock and no xposed, you don't changed the notification just changed theme
  3. MULTI

    Hello, you must install a rom android 5 before install miui
  4. MULTI

    @muxa, for the first boot don't insert in your phone your sim card and no wifi. after reboot with your sim and no problem.
  5. MULTI

    the complete rom is spflashtools rom eui
  6. MULTI

    Hello, the rom are the xiaomi.eu version and the fix is the miui.com version
  7. MULTI

    new ver : https://mega.nz/#!w4EiwCJR!p0Rp5N7QZVjIngNdPwGdHPWcCPkZe5QBCPmhZBwNkOI app fix download : https://mega.nz/#!Ig0CwRpA!njlGL0rcouaKbyVDHkq5drcLA7sx6DFx-gd_Jfqsnto
  8. MULTI

    If you are the problem with all the rom is problem of motherboard or battery
  9. MULTI

    @Thanatos, problem of hardware,with the rom official the problem exist or not ? New version upload in progress...
  10. MULTI

    Hello, update is ready, tomorrow test and upload, Merry Christmas and full of new smartphone for all the community of LeEco.
  11. MULTI

    @NathanCS,see if work with root phone
  12. MULTI

    Hello, i have installed on 10 letv x600 for the familly and i have not install the miui account.
  13. MULTI

    @muxa, skip this setup of account miui and create one on en-miui.com with your e-mail
  14. MULTI

    go to peripheral manager on windows you must have a exclamation mark mouse click right and changed the driver (choose other)
  15. MULTI

    @NathanCS, Hello, thank you. Now i don't use the redmi note 2 tool because the battery is wonderful with 6.12.10 You can monitor your data usage and don't activated data when not use and make update when wifi at home.