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  1. hello ! it´s strange, i don´t have that problem ... do you have made a fresh install with format dalvik, system, cache and data ? from your image i see you have a lot of customization, attention because some modules from expose are not compatible with MIUI ... they can made that kind of errors
  2. if you have a lot off apps working in the background is normal the deep sleep not working... you have to close the aps and clear cache ... or reboot ! the phone it´s like a computer, run out off memory ...
  3. ok : try to install no-frills cpu control and change governor to interactive and I/O to cfq
  4. don´t know what is wrong in your phone, my is working OK see :
  5. You have some problem with your configuration ... i recommend a fresh installation ! Pico tts don´t have no more support by developers, that´s becouse you can´t make the download, i recommend to install google text-to-speech (play store) is the best . will remove pico in the next release ...
  6. there´s no problem with deep sleep... only bad configuration ! attention to your´s xposed modules, if you installed any app for knock to unlock, see you is on or if uninstalled is well uninstaled. remember that x500 don´t have support for real knock to unlock, only a app always ruining in background , like Knocker, nexux unlocker... or miui tap ! it´s using the proximity sensor or the screen always runing ... 100 to 80 % is my battery history for last 6 hours in normal using . TAP TO UNLOCK it´s not recommended for this phone !!!!
  7. For those who want tap on screen to wake , download MIUITAP on 1º post, flashit on TWRP
  8. 1. identical to EUI, or a little more ... 2. i think not 3. there´s no double tap option. install a 3ª part app like DTSO to do that ... (play store)
  9. compared to EUI , there´s no battery drain ... attention in xposed modules that you can install, they may cause battery drain use the greenify app to minimize battery lost in standby
  10. this phone don´t have radio FM/AM hardware support ... it´s closed by kernel ...
  11. Yes, it show LTE in network settings menu