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  1. Let's dig this out, because many people ask for it.
  2. Any solution for this problem? has anyone managed to solve it?
  3. MULTI

    Not as I know. On the other side anyone have this problem with ringing volume staying very low when increasing it from mute?
  4. I said you should "You should format DATA in twrp an it will remove encryption. Also you will lose all your data and settings. " Not factory reset. you could install rom through USB that you connect via OTG.
  5. You should format data in twrp an it will remove encryption. Also you will lose all your data and settings.
  6. le max 2 x829

    That's great, i saw on some rom that is stated only for x820 so i was concerned. I'm looking forward to try this phone.
  7. le max 2 x829

    I have also ordered this phone and if anyone knows please make a list, what roms can we put on x829. Thanks in advance.
  8. MULTI

    Man this is rude, posting same post in three themes and flooding the forum!
  9. Probably yes, but if you are not on cdma network (i think only usa uses cdma) it wont be a problem.
  10. Sorry i have not fixed mine so i don't know where to find it. if you don't use cdma network you don't really need MEID number. In blank imei there is this meid number 99000783111111 if it helps.
  11. It's Indian version not full multilanguage, it has GAPPS and works on c106.
  12. No Turkish in this rom.
  13. Have you read this? http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=776801&st=1360#entry55535387 and this? http://www.androidbrick.com/ultimate-guide-qualcomm-snapdragon-xiaomi-mi5-imei-and-baseband-repair-fix/
  14. Well i dont think there is unfortunately, I don't think there is simpler solution, just use google translate like we all do. you can find how to restore dump here: Full dump link is here:
  15. First you have to restore the given dump, then you can repair IMEI there is also imei repair theme.