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  1. MULTI

    It was simillar thread to this one, it is possibile that is fake. But is says 18s version. http://bbs.coolpad.com/thread-5805159-1-1.html
  2. MULTI

    http://bbs.coolpad.com/forum-1209-1.html This is specific forum, but i can't find specific tread, I have seen it yesterday that someone posted screenshot with ota update. It wasn't 019s i think it was 18s. That's why I asked did anyone got ota notification on official firmware.
  3. MULTI

    As I can see in chinese forum for now there is no link for the rom, only OTA update. . .
  4. MULTI

    I see that there is OTA update for originl rom on chinese forum. Has anyone that uses stock firmware got it?
  5. Oh god will you please stop with spamming? First try with factory reset and updating your system may help if you have older version.
  6. Is there any way to port fm radio app to chinese rom? Would that even work?
  7. MULTI

    You should try to go into super manager app and check all settings in "data usage control" maybe there is some restrictions, for daily download or some other restrictions.
  8. MULTI

    This looks like talking to a deaf person did you hear that? Whaaat!? Can you please, please try to post things once instead of three times. Thanks. #szwedamar
  9. If anyone needs Dump you can find it in this topic.
  10. Full Dump of COOL1 Dual c106 for those in need as I was some time ago. More info on dump and what it is on this thread: Dump won't erase your IMEI, restore it or in any way replace it! for that you need to follow this instruction: IMEI repair Russian use google translate Link for dump: MEGA Thanks to partyhead for all help!
  11. I think there is little cosmetic differences. No donate button in settings, their OTA app in seeting branded grossoshop instead of bb72 etc.
  12. I'm curently installing latest grososhop rom on my c106, as i see it was upoaded yesterday. http://blog.grossoshop.net/cool1-c106-installazione-rom-grossoshop/ For c107 i dont know that there is a global rom. . .sorry.
  13. As shown on 4pda.
  14. I have managed to fix most of the things with Dump from my friend who has cool1, it restored all but Imei's stayed faulty. Tried to modify blank imei but failed to find meid in blank.qcn.
  15. MULTI

    My thoughts are the same, Indian rom may be cleaner but i think doesn't update as fast as chinese version.