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  1. MULTI

    This looks like talking to a deaf person did you hear that? Whaaat!? Can you please, please try to post things once instead of three times. Thanks. #szwedamar
  2. If anyone needs Dump you can find it in this topic.
  3. Full Dump of COOL1 Dual c106 for those in need as I was some time ago. More info on dump and what it is on this thread: Dump won't erase your IMEI, restore it or in any way replace it! for that you need to follow this instruction: IMEI repair Russian use google translate Link for dump: MEGA Thanks to partyhead for all help!
  4. Hello everybody, this is link to Indian rom for COOL 1 that i found o Indian forum here ROM: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B1Js4HJQ5ZlrNV9lZTNzVExOYVE&export=download YGTP TOOL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByAvMMpziNx4UnRVb05kYi1Xdkk/view LINK to original forum topic: http://www.coolpadforums.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=18432&extra=page%3D1 After downloading , Kindly follow the steps below You can also use coolpad download assistant Please follow the flashing guidance with screen shot:Download "rar file" and "YGDP tool", Extract both the zip files.Install the YGDP tool using setup.exe file.After YGDP setup is complete, a shortcut will appear on your desktop. Open the YGDP tool by clicking the shortcut. Password: 9527Click on configure to select the .CPB file Just after you click on START, Connect your phone to the laptop in "bootloader mode" under "recovery menu". you have successfully flashed the ROM. This is a ROM for a C103 model, i don't know will it work for our model! As i'm told it works, changes model number to C103 and processor info to sd820 I am not responsible for any BRICKS, DAMAGE TO DEVICES, DIVORCES, THERMONUCLEAR WARS ETC!
  5. I think there is little cosmetic differences. No donate button in settings, their OTA app in seeting branded grossoshop instead of bb72 etc.
  6. I'm curently installing latest grososhop rom on my c106, as i see it was upoaded yesterday. http://blog.grossoshop.net/cool1-c106-installazione-rom-grossoshop/ For c107 i dont know that there is a global rom. . .sorry.
  7. As shown on 4pda.
  8. I have managed to fix most of the things with Dump from my friend who has cool1, it restored all but Imei's stayed faulty. Tried to modify blank imei but failed to find meid in blank.qcn.
  9. MULTI

    My thoughts are the same, Indian rom may be cleaner but i think doesn't update as fast as chinese version.
  10. If someone speaks Russian please go to http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=776801&st=2760 please read last 3-4 pages And carify something, it seems like some people alredy installed this rom on their C106 and that it works. Google translate is so confusing that i can't determine did they or they are just trying. SO this rom is working on the C106 Thanks JOHNKA!!!
  11. My ringtone volume was very low for sometimes for no apparent reason, it was solved by restarting but reoccurred randomly. I think is solved now after brick and reviving my phone but don't know what was really a solution. Maybe had something with persist. . .
  12. No chinese apps, probably missing some services and live button. Indian model is C103, and chinese is C106 so i don't know can it be installed on C106, and because i bricked my phone few weeks ago I'm not ready to do it again. If someone tries please write here.
  13. MULTI

    I think you can try to install without wipes, but there can be many bugs and unpredicted behaviour so i don't recomend it.
  14. MULTI

    Why don't you ask him?
  15. MULTI

    Can someone please re-upload it to mega or something like that, i cannot get beidou disk. . . Thanks.
  16. MULTI

    There is new chinese stock rom, as i see it is beta 29.12 http://bbs.coolpad.com/thread-5793666-1-1.html
  17. MULTI

    Indian Forum: http://www.coolpadforums.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=81&page=1 Chinese Forum: http://bbs.coolpad.com/forum-1209-1.html
  18. MULTI

    Update comes tomorow, if not come back and read again. I think nobody knows for sure, i have read somewhere that they need extra time for polishing because our camera setup. Also i think we will have official Indian Rom in few days as phone was lanched few days ago in India. I'm lurking on official forum so if appears I will give links here.
  19. You shoul'd use coolpad download assistant (works only on win 7), here is the link to forum topic where can you find a download link:
  20. Tomorow will start to sell in India, so i guess we will see better international support.
  21. MULTI

    As much as i know, NO. Maybe sometime in the future someone can patch it to have band 20 but for now no.
  22. Thanks.
  23. Unfortunately i couldn't, because other partitions are broken too, that's why i need phone dump. to try to work it from there. Thank you for your help.
  24. Here you go. You have to be logged in on 4pda to download. Blank.zip
  25. Hi tora33 can you please remove that link as it is corrupted or not suitable for cool1 dual i tried it and it screwed my phone IMEI, baseband, persist, (probably corupted NVRAM) all gone. . .unfortunately i haven't saved dump before it so if someone can send me his so i can reconstruct IMEI that would be nice. Thank.