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  1. @tora33 there's some thing wrong with sound it's lower than before in the other Roms , could you please help
  2. I can't install fonts it gives me error over and over . @tora33 but sure thanks for your efforts really appreciate
  3. Is google play services fixed? @tora33
  4. In next rom please keep the app store of leeco .. and please fixe the GPS coz it's so bad and so fare away from my location .. thanks @tora33
  5. I cant access to my leeco account !
  6. when i flash 18s with twrp recovery it still there !! i cant go back to the original one to flash updates ?
  7. I hope that too Sent from my X800+ using Tapatalk
  8. 18s realized if you can upload it with large size to flash it from custom recovery
  9. the same problem when the update
  10. okay thank you so much