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  1. Vazarg

    Firmwares from the X600 - can be installed on the X601 and on the X608
  2. Please describe in detail. What firmware is installed? What recovery? What action was preceded by this condition. It is desirable to maximize detail and point by point. But it laconically. What is your native language ?
  3. bobN

    I can not remember .... - seems, I shared it .... But now again .... Add-Camera_Stock_LeTV-bobN.zip Install via custom recovery TWRP - WITHOUT wipe !!!!
  4. bobN

    I do not understand essence of the question? These files are in the body of my firmware.
  5. bobN

    Who wants to - he will achieve, Who seeks will always find! It means bear in reserve this file - for itself.
  6. bobN

    Replace - ONLY update-binary !!!!! I use to replace - WinRar Try to take on a different firmware - from the one that is installed .... normal.
  7. bobN

    imp AMIGAnTOMEK You need to replace the firmware archive file: META-INF\com\google\android\ from the stock firmware 013s - under recovery You have most likely versions of phones - X608. You need to replace the firmware archive file: META-INF\com\google\android\update-binary from the stock firmware 013s - under recovery
  8. bobN

    Try to replace through Root Explorer - to the address system\priv-app\Weather\Weather.apk
  9. bobN

    wandy77 - far as I understood, with the help of translation by Google - it's about my ports ?
  10. Vazarg

    And so what you would expect from a weekly firmware release? List of changes MIUI 6.3.3 (China Develop) Lock screen, the notification bar Improved switching animation to the notification bar into a global search; Fixed a bug where settings are not applied the lock screen when using a third-party themes. Data transfer (Mi Mover) Fixed errors when transferring files. Global search Fixed some bugs.
  11. bobN

    Show screenshot dialer - what's wrong? I do not understand - what you wrote? Please describe normal
  12. bobN

    If I have time - I will try
  13. bobN

    What for? It's a different firmware and its author - I, and not vazarg. There I helped him - or rather to help users to solve the problem with the detected bug. All that is necessary at the current moment - I mentioned in this thread.
  14. Vazarg

    What is the update file you choose ?? Who received over the air from Xaomi? Or a full firmware from vazarg ? Which version recovery installed? And what firmware now?