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  1. I hope so too mate..
  2. @tibcsi0407 Thanks for the reply, I was able to flash it using ghost rom, so i got the screen during boot up only & was able to recover my data. The display never came up after the bootup screen (EUI LOGO) , now also I know the phone can boot up, but no display. So I guess you are right. I have effectively killed the display with hair dryer
  3. Hello, So I managed to get my phone in to trouble again, this time in the rains. It got wet & soaked in some good amount of moisture & water. The phone then went in a reboot loop & was entering the recovery on it own or trying to reboot. I then tried drying the phone using a hair dyer (which was really stupid of me) . after that the phone gotdrained of the battery (i think) because of all the reboot loop. I buried the phone in rice. Today morning I checked the phone & it is clear of the moisture in the cameras. So i kept it for charging. Now i am getting all only an Yellowish LED, the phone is not warm. or booting up. Any suggestions ?
  4. The same is with F.Lux Sent from my Le X500 using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah.. would second that request. Sent from my Le X500 using Tapatalk
  6. Hello, I have CF Lumen purchased from Playstore (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.chainfire.lumen&hl=en), & it all works fine when i manually start it. But it doesnt change the screen tint automatically after sun set. I have to manually start the application for it to work. Anyone know why ?
  7. @Wx89 @sasha2511 @tibcsi0407 Thank you guys for all your help!!! THE PHONE IS BACK UP!! Managed to get the files from Ghost Rom! Cheers!!
  8. i have no other option mate.. either wait or buy a new phone thanks for all your help... really appreciate it
  9. err... noob question.. but where do i place this file ? under the SP flash tools folder ?
  10. Cool... Many Thanks mate...
  11. Thanks for the file, but can this be used with x507 (Le 1s) ?
  12. Thanks Mate... I am this close on giving up on the device..
  13. @sasha2511 The firmware is missing from all sites mate If only someone had a copy.. or just the scatter file.. i guess it would solve my problem ?
  14. @tibcsi0407 no luck mate.. getting s_auth error. i have all the possible drivers installed. The phones just has a red led light & keep on connecting disconnecting. Windows 7 x64 system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.