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  1. It was 16s i hope its good. Or what you say to this.
  2. can anybody from the admins or dev download this files from this side please and upload to mega please................................. http://bbs.le.com/thread-798414-1.html thanks i hope you can

    I think 17s are buggy. 16s are have not the charge bug.

    I have make a clean install wipe all. Then istall then wipe then clean.

    I have give all permission to this player. They close after half second.

    Thanks i will look.

    when i added a new music or video player they FC .i can not play with this player . i can not see NFC . who is the botton? and when i charge the phone max ampere wax 1300mA not more 1800mA ? bug ? or was this by this version 17 a bug?i not know this . i have quick charge 2 charger. with max 1950mA
  8. Installer

    ups thanks for your message. at this time i was on phone to install it. thanks so much
  9. Installer

    hi good day . can you set the link on the top . i think not many from us found the link. i have seen and download it. LeTv x900+ Upgraded with SpzJulien 17s Multilingual Please, use the search bar before asking for help. Watch this tutorial to Root / Install a Twrp Recovery / Install a Custom Rom on your LeTv x900. LeTv Le Max x900 FULL Custom Pack HERE !
  10. yeah thank .i hope all members will be happy for this rom

    your rom work fine . can you translate the PHONE MANAGER in german please. at the moment it was in english
  12. maiki1905 please close pda net .i think its buggy
  13. 15s charging was bad. not more then 650ma 16s all was fine charging and battery settings no fc or frezze translate was 60% from all in german. i have install this rom https://mega.nz/#!utMDnD7L!hGLL1l_aCtGLQWNV3F3GUTA07_9RjwXgmQ_iab37ly0 i have all chinies app del.
  14. sorry last weeks i am bussy https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=57909 look hiere please for your files for x820
  15. you must install all with twrp please i hope thats will work its in english and chiniese. or you make a full wipe and install it with twrp