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  1. Same in 26. I need to run sygic first for the location of the weather to be updated.
  2. I always wipe all except internal with any new Rom.
  3. Torra33, I m using your last 26 with magisk root with no problems at all. Google services never crashed. Lecloud sync is working for me flawless. Will I have any problems with the upcoming Rom? And why do you suggest in the above screen shots to cancel Google sync?
  4. A message that a magisk update is available appears. When i try to update the zip is downloaded but the update fails for some reason. Why?
  5. Why didn't you customize 26s and went back to 20s?Has the Rom Greek language?
  6. I have installed latest version. 7 hours now no crash. Will see.....
  7. Tried to flash last torra's rom and I get this message from TWRP. Any ideas?
  8. Last 24 hours a message keeps bothering me saying that Google play services have stopped. I am with torra33 26 Rom. Any suggestions?
  9. can you please explain ....after i install the apk what shoul i do ? cause i didn t get it to work. i really want the letv account app. but it crashes when i get to the point of unbind device.
  10. Do you suggest fresh install or we can flash it over previous rom? Thanks again!
  11. Everything ok after clean installation. Double tap option is only for decoration?