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  1. I have installed latest version. 7 hours now no crash. Will see.....
  2. Tried to flash last torra's rom and I get this message from TWRP. Any ideas?
  3. I got back to 23s. More stable I think.
  4. does your new rom includes leeco account?
  5. Last 24 hours a message keeps bothering me saying that Google play services have stopped. I am with torra33 26 Rom. Any suggestions?
  6. can you please explain ....after i install the apk what shoul i do ? cause i didn t get it to work. i really want the letv account app. but it crashes when i get to the point of unbind device.
  7. Do you suggest fresh install or we can flash it over previous rom? Thanks again!
  8. Everything ok after clean installation. Double tap option is only for decoration?
  9. OK. That solved the Addaway crash. What about multi led? Is this an app that needs to get root privileges? Cause when I try to open it crashes.
  10. flashed new rom over previous tora rom without any format and in multicolor led option system crashes. Adaway also crashes while working before.I ll try clean flash in the evening. But this rom seems great !
  11. What about the test rom?The one above.anytime soon? Συνεχίστε την καλή δουλειά!
  12. i need help. i had installed previous rom of tora(18/4). when i try to install the last one the phone in the first boot after installation it boots again in to recovery or stays in first screen of leeco. previous rom can be installed succesfully. Any ideas? ok .i changed cable and re copy the rom to phone
  13. Great rom! Even the GPS resurrected!
  14. When i try to set a wallpaper via gallery ,gallery crashes. also settings crashes when i trie to change some options in phone manager. location seems not to work properly. i nstalled your rom via twrp 3.0.2 καλη δουλεια !Συνεχισε.
  15. settings-display-LED notification light check "other". the led is working fine.