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  1. Not for me. In old X620 there is, but i this from tora33 no option for automatic recorder Got it. Need to set China region, and thet option is available form me. Some new options now are available. Done
  2. Is there any option in any rom from Tora33, that will have Automatic Phone Calls Recording? Or have button to press when speaking? THX
  3. @Fabri.avr From this post?????? This one is so fast???? Napisano niedziela o 17:14 · Zgłoś post New X720_026S_Root_stable_tora33 download not instal google I expect your feedback
  4. THX. So i will use 026, and wait for some fix of Play Store. Any news about 7.0 from You?
  5. Soft is working, but Google Play Store is stoping from time to time. Something is not ok.
  6. So failed to mount i'ts ok??? I'v waited very long time. How long do you think?
  7. I'v installed new TWRP from your'e link. But nothing new. Wipe everything, but not internat storage. And error. What is wrong?
  8. But, from youre list d) New pro3_26s_stable_magiskRoot_tora33 , {magisk is faster from SuperSu} more-discussion , download e) New pro3_26s_stable_NoRoot_tora33 (Is better than the previous 26s No root) , download a) X720_26s_stable_NoRoot_tora33 , download b) pro3_26s_stable_RootPreinstall_7.7.7_tora33 , download c) pro3_26s_stable_ClassicRoot_7.7.7_tora33 download how to install :In recovery, select the rom and follow the installation instructions more and discussion ,here x) LEPro3_26s_170619_tora33 ,with extra settings + advanced settings
  9. Ok. Try later, and let U know. Which soft is the best to flash???? With root.
  10. Please help. Only LineageOS Please help me. i have pro3 x720, but i can't install anything else then LineageOS (lineage-14.1-20170728-nightly-zl1-signed.zip). I like normal android 7, but can't install. Please help. THX Do i need new version of fastboot or what???
  11. But my is on and live Do i need new version of bootloader????