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  1. Hi, anyone solved problem with non working PlayStore and PlayServices on stock rom? I downloaded PlayStore and PlayServices from LeEco store, which is built in stock rom - and it's not working, but previously it used to work on older roms till 20s - I did it before.
  2. Sorry, I didn't. I didn't even know that 26s is out. I'm not a developer or any kind of programmer, just got some basic knowledge taken while digging in my x600 I still have to wait, like many of us, till LeEco fix the playstore problem. I don't use Gapps - I always download official playstore from LeEco store and then every other google service - it is running well without any problem with synchronisation or whatever else. Unfortunately - we all know - the google services don't work at current versions of eUi.
  3. I don't know much about x500, what kind of assist would you like to get?
  4. thanks, I didn't notice earlier
  5. I always do clean install, look for the tutorials - there must be somewhere on forum
  6. thanks, it's ok - I stayed with 20s, I don't have much time to dig in the phone, and it takes some time, so I must wait for some more reliable update
  7. cool, does anybody have exact download link? cause I don't speak Chinese.
  8. I stayed with 20s, now waiting for next, fixed update.
  9. no, thanks, I always make myself clean eui, just debloat it, and use all other it's cool functions. I like to go further with any update and it makes me annoyed I can't use the new 23s update, I had it for one day and it looks better. Like always - changes are minor, but all of them makes eui feel better. Gotta wait when someone better than I finds sollution for this crap with play services and play store
  10. Yeah, I tried all mentioned tricks, non of them working for me. They wrote it's stable release, but not stable for google play store and services. My way of putting new rom is always like that: First backup of all personal stuff, than I'm making clean install of new ROM. With fresh ROM I run than OTA update to new release. After updating with OTA, I have new, celan and fresh rom, so I'm going to LeEco Store, finding Google Play, downloading it from LeEco store and than we got everything from Play Store (gmail, calendar and contacts - everything works with auto sync, play services also are downloaded from Play Store). After that I change recovery to TWRP and flashing SuperUser via TWRP. With SuperUser I can clean all Chinese bloatware (Titanium Backup - freezing all Chinese apps). After that Rom is clean but still stays EUI - which I like very much. And this time I couldn't work on new 23S. Tried downloading Play Store from LeEco Store - not working, tried putting Play Store as an app and istall it direct - again - no success. Tried GAPPS - failed. On the other hand, I don't understand why people are fighting with GAPPS, if they can run original Play Store from LeEco store and all Google services and apps are available and working fine...
  11. Stable version, release date, as I remember was about march 15th. I got back to 20s, because of google play not working. There are several differences, like shape of ending call button (a little longer ellipse vs rectangle in old 20s), or adding new message in sms service (floating green button on bottom of the screen vs "+" symbol on top right corner in 20s), also found different name od Dolby service and some other small changes. Rom looks smooth and less memory/battery draining (20s is a little memory and battery sucker). I had it for one day and performance was really cool.
  12. Hi everyone, after 5.9.23 update (official EUI) for Le1, Google Play Store shows constantly "server error". Cleaning app cache - still no working. At the same time I got few, one after another, prompts "google play services has stopped". Any solutions? Any ideas? I dig through similar problems through the web - none of them helped. E.g. - worked with the "hosts" file - different changes, IP's, adding # etc - still nothing - those and many others, found on XDA - not working. Phone works fine, but google services are dead.
  13. good, it may push them to work
  14. I hope the last ROM update for x600 will also eliminate most of the bugs and usability problem. I'm quite satisfied with 18s but I think there's still something to do in stability and performance area. Not sure it's because of my usage type, but I think 17s was a liitle bit better in case of consuming battery. Didn't check SOT, so it's just my feeling.
  15. So guys, it's been quite a long since official 18s was released. As I can see, previous versions of EUI were updated more or less "monthly". We have 18s for our x600, and we can see later versions for other models, like 20s. My update apk shows that 18s from the 12th of October is up to date. Do you think the developement for x600 is done for now, or we just have to be patient and wait a little bit longer, maby for something "big" (eg. based on android 7.0 maby?). It's just a question, or open discussion, so feel free to take a part in it Because x600 is rather basic product, and newer models are more advanced - it would be understandable if the developement ended. It would be, like manufacturer wanted to convince us to go into upper, more advanced products. What's your opinion? cheers!