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  1. A możesz napisać jak to zrobiłeś? Próbuję się zabrać za 023S który się właśnie pojawił ale niestety jbart pliku .zip nie rozpoznaje jako prawidłowego pliku z ROMem. Co jest raczej logiczne bo w nim jest plik system.new.dat w którym dopiero są wszystkie pliki systemu. Wypakowałem go ale nie wiem jak wczytać to do jbarta
  2. dilnix

    On Marshmellow Gyroscope Calibration not working. After each try i have "Operation Failed" .
  3. dilnix

    OPeration failed (in all Marshmellow EUI )
  4. dilnix

    For me almost everything is working. When i try make picture from FBMessenger i cant because i have a info "camera not working".
  5. What? I can't uninstall any apps. I try instal any aps and after unistall it. Its impossible.
  6. I try r1 and still unusable. When i try uninstall any app i have crash. When i try oryginal 020 i have not this.And please dont change default theme.
  7. I dont need delete gapps. I want to delete gapps installer after i install gapps.
  8. But i have crashes when i try install apps too. And how i can uninstall gapps installer?
  9. I have this same. Crashes whrn i install or try uninstall.
  10. Eui le1

    I have this same. But my flashlight blinking on calls and sms too. And i when i receive it flashlight is off. Flashlight working like a tree-colors led on front
  11. Eui le1

    Working good. Not need lcddensiyy and good sensitivity
  12. Eui le1

    i make full wipe and after root i uninstall chinese apps. For me is stable
  13. Eui le1

    Maybe not on x600?
  14. Eui le1

    Yes. all fixed i use this script instead original \META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script updater-script
  15. Eui le1

    No problem