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  1. ok, thanks... Works multi jijijij
  2. rom is multi or not?
  3. Read this post! Solution works 100% My phone revived 100%
  4. Hello mate. I have very good news for you. I introduce myself. I 'm Parasite_Remix cook TEAMSPAIN.Had your same problem. I had him totally max 2 MEGA HARD BRICK . And finally.... There is a final solution. Rom prepares a qfil that revives the mobile without any problem. The mobile wing becomes life as the first day. I leave the download so you can fix your phone.DOWNLOAD FULL PACK: pan.baidu.com/s/1nuV9KzJPASS: r769 REGARDSS!!!
  5. A question. When you download the OTA from the mobile. Where the zip of the ota is stored within the mobile ?? Anyone know the specific path to save this ota to PC
  6. thanks gidabytes. permit nedeed.
  7. Hello partners. I have had a hardbrik in my Le max 2 . I would like to try to recover . I read the thread well . Could you give me the link to download applications and drivers qfil . Try to use base rom x800 to try to recover the mobile. Thanks a greeting
  8. What language do you use? Uicos languages with which the battery works perfectly English , Chinese and Spanish. I do not have much time but if you tell me the most used languages could make a fully functional settings with battery error resolved
  9. MULTI

    My 1s even what I have but I have very little time working with the roms. I will try to take out some time in this coming that I have something more free of my work week. I do not promise anything. But I will try to have a functional rom s15 for 1s.
  10. MULTI

    We have created a ota, serving for the 2 versions of the ROM. It serves the revolution and the revolution PURe
  11. yes is the new version
  12. MULTI

    new ota VOL.2 enjoy
  13. Hello everyone! Here we share with you our new ROM with the latest version official s15 EUI 5.8 ROM LOG: No Chinese apps. Root 100% MULTI frameworks Functional gapps 100% Functional Sync 100% Fully stock no extra added. Installation: Before installing recommended to all wipes for a clean installation. Install zip from the TWRP Start new system and configure to taste. Restart again in the new TWRP 5.8 and install OTA PURE. Reboot and enjoy the rom MULTI 5.8. A greeting to all community users letv.re DOWNLOADs: ROM: https://mega.nz/#!kxZC1LDD!QD979EE6nXfNZ-_1NbL0BTR_jldOajcG1SUufiaYIdg OTA PURE: https://mega.nz/#!u9hlBJqD!1JDqKuf1Y1Ei-IKK0Q2tYJyVD5-RAcQmsAzXzZ51y3w SCREENS:
  14. MULTI

    New OTA for downloaded. POST 1