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  1. Do You updated first post with new version or I missunderstand this Actualizacion?
  2. Calculator is working on my phone, and this is good Rom. But WoRFReD, you put payed version of ES file explorer in this Rom. It is very good for us, but You could face problems for that.
  3. Does anyone know the difference between 023 and 026 Rom?
  4. MULTI

    When the screen is of, battery discharge is OK, even with GPS and Bluetooth on (during my bike ride I listen to music and GPS keeps the track). But when the screen is on battery discharge is very fast. Even with screen illumination around 50%.
  5. In first post it said that there is multi language option, but I only find english and chinese. I hope that this 2 options don't make it multilanguage.
  6. MULTI

    Is someone experiencing faster battery discharging over time. When I installed this Rom I have a feeling that my battery lasted longer then now, month since it was installed. I removed lots of Chinese apps that I don't use with titanium backup, and is it possible that some of them is needed by system and it is looking for them?
  7. MULTI

    Thanks. BB72 rom is good to me, but if I decide to experiment, what miui is the newest one?
  8. MULTI

    Is this best miui rom, or ycjeson's or some other? Is it better then eui bb72 18s?
  9. MULTI

    I don't know what I did wrong, but I don' have problems with notifications. Email, calendar, viber, facebook notifications I get. For facebook sometimes I don't get notifications but who cares. And I didn't change region to China, and didn't make apps system one. Only thing that's not working allways is Timed Toggles that I programed to turn on airplane mode in the night, and turn of airplane mode in the morning. I use mobile as alarm clock and it's on my locker near my head, and don't want to be radiated while sleeping. Is there any other way or app to solve this. To me this is the best rom and I'm very pleased with this BB72 work.
  10. MULTI

    As emreagacli said somewhere on this forum this BB72 Rom is the best rom for me. Don't have problems with notifications, good battery life, antutu 94284 vithout any special optimizations, and after all apps instaled I have almost 1 gb more free space. Thanks BB72 for making this great phone great. I hope that there will be some money to support Your efforts.
  11. MULTI

    I don't know why people are so crying for their languages and can't manage phone settings in english. In every rom there is a android keyboard, and when you enter it in setings you can change it to your own language and get your national letters.
  12. Oh I found that. I was there and I wasn't realised that I could scroll it. I was pissed that I can't change it, but I didn't scroll it, only tuching it, and nothing was happening. Thanks emreagacli!
  13. If You think to mark it under connection control, it is marked to enable download under mobile data and wifi.
  14. How to resolve not downloading aplications on mobile data. I can only download from play store on wifi. Didn' find any permision to enable it. On downloads app I cant change anything. Do downloadprovider.apk from miui section resolves this?