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  1. Hi Guys, I am using EUI_23s, i noticed this weekend GPS is not working properly. First it took long time to fix then keep losing GPS almost every min (clear and open area) and shows inaccuracy all the time. I used GPS Lock app as well but no luck. I also updated gps.conf file but same issue. Has anybody noticed this issue? Any fix without reinstalling ROM would help :-) Thanks
  2. Infect, try disabling chines app with " ! " mark on thumbnail picture with blue back ground. It will disable LED flash on incoming calls.
  3. I am using same ROM (5.9.23s_Le1Pro_tora33), initially i had same problem with incoming calls and flash light even "LED flash for incoming calls" is disabled. But now i dont see this issue, not sure how it get resolved. May be i rebooted few times and it get resolved automatically. Or i disabled the following apps which resolved the issue: Disabled Apps: 1) All apps with chines name 2) Le 1 Pro 3) Amber Weather I also uninstalled some apps (not system apps as it is not rooted)
  4. Thanks Torq33 now i moved to PRO-23S_3th version Main reason not using this MiUI ROMs that i could not create new data APN for 2nd SIM, the app was keep crashing as soon as you create new APN no mater you swap SIMs. However it created one APN for the first SIM automatically.
  5. Also just to clear, power button & volume buttons are not working only on incoming calls, dial-out is not an issue i can end call with power button and can use volume up/down. Thanks
  6. At the moment i am using 7.1.13_60 1) Smart cover not working in both releases i tested (7.1.13_6.0 & 7.3.18) 2) Thanks toro33 issue 2 (downloading using mobile data from play store) is now resolved by updating "Download" application as per your suggestion. please help on other issues. 3) i have power button end call option in accessibility already set before reporting this issue, something else broken here as i noticed in-call volume button is also not working. So it may be during call all button are disabled not only power button. Just to take your intention on the following issues as well: 4) Apps dont start automatically on boot, have set them for autostart & enabled them in permissions & battery but no luck. 5) volume button does not work when phone is ringing Please let me know if you see above 2 to 5 issues in the latest rom (7.3.18), i know issue 1 is there in the latest rom along with incoming call flashing light issue which is not in old rom. Thanks in advance
  7. I agreed to go with latest release. But in my first test of latest release i found bug with incoming call flashing light. That is why i switched to old release as i red most people here said it is good rom and i am finding issues with it, will reply to @tora33 comment soon. Thanks
  8. Here is the list of issues which i can see with 7.1.13_60 rom on my X800 CN. 1) smart cover lock .. etc not working 2) can not install apps from Google play store when using mobile data, always looking wifi for connection for installation but browsing play store for apps using mobile data is OK. 3) power button end call is not working 4) Apps dont start automatically on boot, have set them for autostart & enabled them in permissions & battery but no luck. 5) volume button does not work when phone is ringing Will report more issues if i see. Thanks in advance.
  9. Also power button end call is not working in this rom (7.1.13_60), could you please let me know how to fix? Thanks
  10. When using 7.1.13_60 rom on X800, i cant seems to install apps from Google play store using mobile data, it is keep looking for Wifi connection, any idea how to fix this issue please? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks RazorMaster but now i am switched back to 7.1.13_60, i was googling smart cover issue i am facing and it looks like the fix is available in MIUI 8.1.1
  12. i like miui8_x800_tora33_7.1.13_6.0 ROM and i think if you have some sort of metal plate that you can try putting on phone screen, it should turn off or wake when removed. Also multi_miui8_x800_7.3.18 flash on in-coming calls can not be disabled.
  13. Hi, Just tried two MIUI ROMs (miui8_x800_tora33_7.1.13_6.0 & multi_miui8_x800_7.3.18 ) on my Letv 1pro (x800) using TWRP with all wipes ..etc. For me Lock Screen & password > Advance Setting > "Smart Cover mode" is not working. Just wondering if anybody is facing same issue? I was using Le1PRO_CN_MM_6.0.1_5.8.014S_ROW_v50_CUOCO92 ROM before moving to MIUI and was no problem with Smart Cover locking screen. Thanks for your help.
  14. 1) Which ROM have you tried? Please give me the link to the ROM and i will try as well. 2) Are you facing same issue which i have reported? " no SIM detected on other ROM, but this ROM is OK" ? 3) Also bit confuse about the Letv 1 Pro model number, is there any difference between Letv X800 & Letv X800+ ? My phone model is X800 which i can see on the box, can we flash X800+ ROM on X800 models? 4) give me more directions please open the phone <--- do you mean power up phone? pull out sim <--- pull SIM try out while phone is powered on? insert SIM reboot
  15. Any kind of help on this issue please? Thanks