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  1. gps

    Funny, this doesn't happen all the times: last week GPS could fix quite well, now it can't once again... Maybe some environmental interference? Who knows, my HTC One started receiving poorly too...
  2. gps

    I've been using latest BetaHydri's CM 12.1 (https://forum.xda-developers.com/leeco-le1-pro/development/cm12-1-rom-betahydri-letv-1-pro-t3416651) for months and I'm having this issue for a week now: GPS either won't lock at all or takes a very long time to do and loses that as soon as you move. I've tried updating A-GPS data, changing gps.conf file, even reflashing ROM, no luck. Maybe the GPS chip is just dying on us... Just like LeEco.
  3. So you have a US model, you tried latest ABM30's CM13 and... 1. Battery indicator works? 2. Does it actually ring for calls and notifications? Thanks!
  4. https://forum.xda-developers.com/leeco-le1-pro/development/cm-14-1-android-7-1-unofficial-letv-t3530173
  5. EN/CN

    I get it, but I'd like to try that camera on a different ROM/device (US device running CM 12.1). Can you please share?
  6. EN/CN

    Thanks, can you share the ported LeEco camera package? Maybe a flashable zip or the files needed, at least?
  7. MULTI

    Thanks, is it for CN or US devices?
  8. I couldn't download using Firefox either, but JDownloader worked fine.
  9. MULTI

    IR not working here, using this build. LeTV software works but won't communicate with my Samsung TV, AnyMote says there is no infrared sensor. Thanks anyway!
  10. This is great news! I hope you'll release MM (CM13) ROM too because there is no Xposed on Nougat... Yet... Any chance you can release a beta CM13 ROM for experienced and open minded users right now?
  11. Hello @CrisBalGreece sorry to bother you once again but are you going to try and port any CM13 too, by any chance? I'd really like to see a working port since MIUI or EUI are not exactly my cups of tea... thanks anyway, you worked miracles already!
  12. http://forum.le.com/in/index.php?threads/leeco-kernel-sources-for-all-devices.16143/#post-112054
  13. MULTI

    I'd really need a 6.0 based ROM as I'd like to try suhide... magisk works fine but turning root on/off altogether is not a viable solution, neither is losing Xposed.
  14. MULTI

    Thanks, is it Android 6 based? Inviato dal mio LeTv 1 Pro utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. MULTI

    Thanks @Spanjeli, can you tell this ROM (latest update) will brick US devices too? http://forum.xda-developers.com/leeco-le1-pro/development/dev-cyanogenmod-13-port-x800-pre-alpha-t3464503