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  1. Hello Could anyone share EUI Browser apk file latest version? Thanks!
  2. Gone i think, there will be less dev
  3. I KNOW that I'm in mtk x20 I sure you i know English!!! I can see in it many threads Miui, buggy too bad and originally it's perfect but on this sh*t Mediatek worst, eui and some others. Large content of threads with small count of useful roms. We see so roms in list... For some system different. My experience is good, but not with Mediatek phone, it makes me sick!!! Check the recent news, no one ( except meizu) want they x30 chipset!!!! Check reviews of them, I remember I seen very bad reviews on them, but didn't take attention. I can change my thing now!!! So it will be Qualcomm for now ( high quality).
  4. I can't stay with! Only few days and I see to install other roms... It gets me tired everyday.... I don't want to do these things everyday...
  5. I don't critis anyone here!!! If they want to continue, they can go in no zone away and loose time. So devloppers make what they want to do, but BYE mtk *****
  6. Mediatek is sh*t, devloppers can't continue to work on it, or maybe it will continue for short time He can work on Snapdragon Qualcomm version of this phone at least Btw I don't want to go, and it's up to me.
  7. It's Word speaking. I seen many bugs, very hating and no attention taken, I think high battery drain and network 4g stop working, needed to restart, same as WiFi. Hopefully I will don't have these problems on Qualcomm high performance chipset.
  8. Thanks for your message. As said, I love leeco but would be important that they use Qualcomm. I hate MTK... I did buy leeco le pro 3 and waiting for it. It's more open and I have stable Lineage, Wich I want. I don't crisis the work of devloppers, but I really invite them to work on a other phone. If they won't, they can still work on this phone, but good luck it will not stay for longer more... My attitude is correct, please don't judge me. I posted some questions / requests, mostly were not responded? Never mind, it's to you to see what you want to do i force no one to do something, up to you. And never mind, I will always recommend to don't take Mediatek phone, as they will loose money in it.
  9. Battery going to 0% when playing and charging, this is most incredible thing I seen....... As said, many bugs and unfortunately will not be fixed.
  10. Why continue working on this phone? You can do whatever you want, but I facing millions of bug. I don't crisis you, as you can work on other Le phone with Qualcomm chipset.
  11. Uninstall it and go to EUI, there is no choice of custom rom for this mtk chipset...
  12. Are you interested if I sell my phone?
  13. My message has been cuted! Why?