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  1. Hello friends. I revized EUI 20s stable rom, to get it useful. 1- I put multilanguage options. (Only - Framework-res.apk and Settings.apk translated. And translated strings is not mine. I just simply took them old multilanguage system) 2-It's de-odexed. 3-I revealed original Dolby Settings. 3-Some bloatwares removed. 4-There are 3 launchers: Eui launcher, Asus Launcher and Smart Launcher. You can choose which one you want. 5-Eui Launcher starts Google. 6-It's rooted. SS_CN_x800_EUI_20s_Multi
  2. I guess only battery menu is not working...
  3. Why? I made it from completely original base, and used original system updater script. I tried it many times on my phone. Due to supersu installer, it might take some times to booting up. (8-10 minutes). Are there anybody has the same problem?
  4. It should be inculude Russian. I don't know exactly. But, there are more than 400 people have downloaded the rom yet. But, nobody has written anything about the rom. It's strange.
  5. TWRP recovery works fine.
  6. EN/CN

    It's not launcher problem. The rom just blocked by builder. I haven't find which apps blocks the rom yet. But, I'm looking for it.
  7. EN/CN

    Don't try this now. They put something like named "LittleRabbit" It locks the launcher. It's not working. I guesss, they want money for the rom. That's why they are banned.
  8. Don't worry. My phone does not accept xposed too. I tried many ways, and many version of xposed, there is no result. Somehow, miui 7.1.13 accepted xposed, and it shows worked, but as a result phone settings, and many system apps gives error.
  9. EN/CN

    MIUIBluetooth.apk gives error. Deleted it.
  10. EN/CN

    Hello, many chinese roms are not usefull for non chinese people. Because there are too many unusefull apps inside. Somhow I customised the Rogue 7.1.13 rom to get it usefull. 1- It's multilanguage 2-Stock settings re-translated 3-Viper4Android added. (You need the install the drivers at the first start. Original Dolby, LeHiFi and Viper4A works. Also, I installed many kernel audio settings) 4-Google search takes it's place. (Finger up, starts google.) 5- MiMarket, MiVideo, MiMusic, MiGallery and Browser still inside. Because many Miui Themes use them. 6-Swiftkey and GoogleKeyboard installed. 7-Facebook, WhatsUp and Amber Weather installed to system, so, there is no notification and synchoronization problem. 8- Some Samsung Notification Sounds and Different Ringtones added. 9- Many bloatwares removed. There are still some bloatwares inside the rom. But removing them without knowledge and experience causes malfunction (they may usefull for some apps you don't know). Download Bugs: 1- Bluetooth error is solved. But there is still need some test.
  11. I noticed something about the rom. I can download and use all the themes, including paid themes too. I love it this way.
  12. OK, these apks, I found on the internet such as "apkmirror.com, androidapksfree.com, apkpure.com"..... Just google it. Download it, copy to the system/app folder. (I preferred this way, because file size smaller than installed file) Other ways, you get in the "root/data/app" folder. Each installed apks found in the folder like "com.facebook.katana-1, com.whatsapp-1 etc. You can fully move folder to the system/app Moving this way sometimes gives error. Than you can try it via twrp recovery file manager.
  13. Yes, I moved all important apps to the system app folder. Right now, there is no problem with the notification.
  14. For the notification problem, I found the only solution, I make them system app. I move them to the system/app folder. I move "whatsup, facebook, alarm clock, amber weather etc. to the system/app folder. Than , there is no problem. Any other options always failed.
  15. I don't really know if I can. But it is updating frequently. So, maybe next update can do this
  16. Hello tora, if you put the files below link to the the "system/app" folder, the rom becomes fully compatible to google play store. https://yadi.sk/d/dC--028F34BLa2
  17. Actually I did nothing much for these. Miui rom is already multilang. I just made languages visible, which already they were inside. I just checked the inside the framework-res. It doesn't have your language. There is no translated "strings.xml" file for Serbian. In android, every apk has its own language files inside. Decode apk with proper tools, like "apktool" Use the latest. Get inside the apk, find "res/values/string.xml" file, and translate it. You can try to learn. You may read this " http://www.droidviews.com/tutorial-how-to-decompile-and-recomplie-apk-files/ " for the beginning. ---- Also, you can use "Jbart-master " to translate miui roms. I used to use it very frequently. But i don't know it supports MM roms. You can try http://en.miui.com/thread-10716-1-1.html
  18. What is this for? Which rom is it extracted? ------------------------------ OK. You can get the recompiled framework here. https://yadi.sk/d/z9ztvLJS345SU8
  19. Hello tora. If you put this framework-res.apk in the rom, you can write your rom fully multilingual. I recompiled framework-res.apk, now it shows many language inside. https://yadi.sk/d/uQpJPGgJ33yqTw
  20. Xposed doesn't activated at my phone. I tried this rom too. But can't see the green xposed, it is yellow. It gives not active error. Also I tried many xposed installer, I always get same error. Another thing, the xposed.zip in your rom, gives an installation error. It sees the phone 32 bit and says wrong version. I wonder how you install the xposed? What is my phones problem. Do you have any idea?
  21. EN/CN

    Thanx brother. Just 2 days ago, I created a topic about multilanguage project for EUi. Somebody talks with me, like they have done their job, bull shit. They do just talks, but do nothing. Has anybody ever seen any multilanguage official rom? I already translated the rom to my language, but who is going to put it the rom? I just asked it to them. They just talks arrogantly.
  22. EN/CN

    How many languages are there in the rom? Can any one share languages screen?
  23. Another question? Are there any link to get multilingual official rom for "Pro x800"?
  24. LeEco Phone producers and Eui programmers. Do you really want to translate your rom? You should start first, than we can help. 1. You have to distrubute your first multilanguage rom. (Honestly, we don't expect any fully translated rom, just beginning). I just want to see my language option in the settings. Nothing much for the beginning. 2. You have to distrubute strings.xml, arrays.xml files of apks. 3. Than we can help you to translate. PS: Cuocoo's roms almost fully translated. For the begining try to collobrate with them.