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  1. @tora33, I installed this ROM with only 2 wipes (no data) and I have been using it since yesterday afternoon and I can confirm that the new ROM is very good. Rock solid, no issues whatsoever with stability, even the GPS is working better, before it was momentarily unlocking while now it stays locked using AndroiTS GPS Test, perhaps it is even locking faster. The Wifi is the same as before (just OK). With the previous version of the ROM the icons for theViper4Android and the Xposed Installer were not visible, now they are there on the desktop. Perhaps the only slight issue is the configuration panel for Dolby Digital is not visible, I installed the Dolby Atmos as it was kindly uploaded earlier so that I can have access to the panel. Well done, great job!
  2. OK mate, I will try it over the weekend and I will report back. Have a nice one!
  3. @tora33 What's new in this revision? Is there a change log? Although I am perfectly happy with your previous ROM, I would like to try this new one.
  4. I don't need Dolby Atmos, Dolby digital plus is fine. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, I just don't see settings panel for Dolby digital plus anywhere, is there a module that needs to be installed?
  5. Thanks for the reply tora33. Great solid rom by the way. OK, I tried xposed framework and it does work indeed. Now my only issue with the Dolby digital plus (I can see it has been installed by default) is that I can't see anywhere how to change the settings for it (graphic equalizer, etc). How do I do that? Thanks again for a great rom!
  6. I have the same issue, I can see Dolby Atmos, Viper and Xposed are installed but how do I use them? There isn't an icon for them anywhere.