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  1. http://g3.letv.cn/214/7/72/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20170412135414642/FULL_X600_X600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5902303111S-5.9.023S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500
  2. why we appeared yellow box... sorry!
  3. If you flash with TWRP then do not rename the zip file and do not put it in any directories just put it in the phone's memory. Get in the TWRP ,wipe data, wipe cache, dalvik and instal ..
  4. CM12

    More Feedback please!
  5. stock

    Setting , language and change in China region.
  6. I came with the 15s of BB77 and installed dirty 17s and before the package made cache wipe and wipe dalvik and works perfectly. Just as it is written at the beginning of the post.
  7. I am very happy with this rom, all runs smoothly and there are no black screen, freeze and especially never to turn itself off. On AnTuTu test is 59,960, I speak from my own experience and really do not have any problem even though battery life could be better. Thanks again BB72 on your work.
  8. Thank you for your good work. Everything is ok and works perfect.
  9. Le 1

    This rom is not a multi?
  10. MULTI

    BB72...Good job with this rom, everything works perfectly. I'd like your 16s rom. Is there a possibility of new updates and when?
  11. Are the red and when you're not in the charger
  12. MULTI

  13. MULTI

    At the beginning of the post. Hidden contents.