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  1. He tried with and without rendering and showed 85000. On other roms he had 93k. Thanks kurgj !!
  2. I have a problem. In the initial configuration like i do not have sim. After skipping writes...Unfortunately, Leeco setup wizard has stopped. I can not move on. When i was doing make a restore wrote ...the extracttorfork proces ended with error 255 twrp. I can not do anything. Please help.
  3. Pokušao je mnogo puta, ali nije. Ako može pomoći?!?
  4. Does not have any 026s with a normal power test? I came from x600 and he had 60k without any ap.
  5. Is there any rom that gives the nominal power to this mob? I mean 90k-100k Without apk?!!
  6. http://g3.letv.cn/214/7/72/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20170412135414642/FULL_X600_X600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5902303111S-5.9.023S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500
  7. why we appeared yellow box... sorry!
  8. If you flash with TWRP then do not rename the zip file and do not put it in any directories just put it in the phone's memory. Get in the TWRP ,wipe data, wipe cache, dalvik and instal ..