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  1. The 026S works very well, fast and fluid. We return to the desk with an application drawer. No problems with the Google app. Possibly the best 026S of the moment. When is a version based on Linage OS or CyanogenMod?
  2. After being using it a few days I can say that everything, fingerprint, camera, nfc, etc. works. Such as I remembered to try the version for the x800 is a very fast rom, with a few good battery consumption and some tools added by tora33 very useful. When a version of MIUI for the x900?
  3. Finally, a version for the x900, I tried the versions that you had for the x800 (the 3rd version) and worked very well on the x900. If we now have the fingerprint and nfc perfect.
  4. It is a two step verification. You put the password of your account and you receive a code in your e-mail that you have to enter. Leeco associates each phone with an account by registering on them.
  5. In this rom I have not been able to put the launcher to 5 columns and have applications drawer as in the 020S 5.9 that I mentioned before (there is a launcher quite similar to that of Cyanogen). If that works the root (I used the SPZ pack) and Xposed (download the latest version from XDA). In daily operation it is noticed fast and stable, very similar to 020S 5.8. The only problem is with the changes of wifi to 4G (sometimes it is without coverage and I have to activate the airplane mode a few seconds so that it returns to have coverage)
  6. If it can be done root and the interface is the 020S. Personally I still like the 020S 5.9 that is in HTCmania
  7. Reviews

    I tried it again, this time the launcher ok, the problems continue in the change from a Wi-Fi network to 3G (it costs you quite to make the change or it does not directly and you run out of data). After being with the 018S PowerSave I find very little battery life. The good thing is that the security patch of the rom is from October 1, almost the last to leave.
  8. Reviews

    I have had problems with the wifi, it seems to connect well but it does not work. Some problem, too, with the launcher (very slow sometimes). The rest is like the 419D.
  9. Try installing this pack. Unzip the pack and copy the phone, the order of installation is 1-2-3 .... https://mega.nz/#!2kYhQahQ!Q7xlI6Ev3tpT0Nqm7UyD5gvqkOs-1H3FGpisUAOzGAE
  10. Link: https://mega.nz/#!flRnXRLB Clave: !7x7AKV4aJvwvYKw-55Trjh4P5EtcGotQG03YRMDFP-M
  11. It works pretty well except for the fingerprint reader (to me it has not worked for me) advise on first boot select the English language (Great Britain), is the least problems give during the first start, after and you can choose the desired language from the menu settings. Right now I'm up to the Mega to share.
  12. Requiest

    +1 To have an official version of CM. Another interesting to do a little force is the official forum site http://bbs.le.com/forum-174-1.html
  13. Discussion

    With the new version LightFw 18S three days it is installed (Antutu data should improve even a little)
  14. MULTI

    You can turn off the screen from the fingerprint sensor with this app: http://www.androidsis.com/como-apagar-la-pantalla-de-tu-smartphone-con-el-sensor-de-huella-dactilar/ The name is "Fingerprint to Sleep" and is very easy to use. You need only set to start when you turn the phone, the system prevent the closure and give permissions as "device manager". The last paragraph of Article "for users root" is not necessary if you use the sensor to unlock.
  15. MULTI

    Good Morning. And the links you sent? So far I have not received any link of this rom. A greeting and thanks for your work.