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  1. Install gmllt's manual gapps pack It should be located in "apps" subforum EDIT: Here's the link Manual gapps

    If you wanna do this you will need root access. Install device control from playstore, open it and from the slide menu, under " controls" tap on "device" and choose "disable backlight"
  3. No If you want multilanguage, flash spzjulien's or cuoco's roms
  4. Try to skip wifi connection before registration

    Flash the ROM, then don't clean anything
  6. Download the latest version of Xposed from the original xda thread If you are using Android marshmallow flash via twrp Xposed SDK 23, because SDK 22 and 21 are for the previous Android versions (like lollipop) Then install Xposed installer into your phone and enjoy it!
  7. Hi, you have to donate him 3€ or more via Paypal. If you won't get the rom send him your receipt to his email If you wanna modify led colour you must install a module like xled for xposed
  8. EN/CN

    Yes. After you have flashed the rom wipe dalvik cache and reboot
  9. Try spacejulien's 18s (how have to pay him a coffee via PayPal for get his rom). If you don't wanna donate him flash cuoco92 17s or there are a lot of China roms for x900, pick one of those and flash it
  10. This is an international forum, so please write in English For the multilanguage support you have to wait spzjulien's 20s, because this rom hasn't it EDIT: Woops I didn't see that m.Gllmt has already answered your question. Sorry for the double post
  11. Same for me
  12. Flashed on Flashed today on x900, fingerprint seems not working Flashed through last twrp version (3.something.0.2)
  13. Fingerprint works? If yes I will be the happiest person in the world
  14. Stock

    Seems that 20s has more issues than advantage
  15. Nice idea, I'll test this soon You posted your work in the wrong section, please next time use the correct section. This will be moved by a moderator