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  1. Hello I have a problem with nova Launcher after setting it as default I go to the reboot screen by going into twrp uninstalling it and restarting while I tried many Launchers without any problem there is a solution? Thanks
  2. If the link does not work, do a search on the Internet and download the twrp by jemmini version 3.0.0
  3. Https://mega.nz/#!gIYEWJ4S!kvTgEH5Z3VFPiCHf8bltYrpmsDedn-seKtwYOJl0s0k installs this twrp I've solved so (remember if the charging cable remains attached the penguin always comes out, disconnects and press the Power key for 10 seconds)
  4. It's not in rom cmq i do not use it
  5. Installed the June 4 release all OK fast GPS, for the room I used footej much better than the open camera battery to improve but not as bad as duration
  6. There are new to the camera? x900
  7. X900
  8. I did the flash of all versions of 14.1 but the camera does not operate shame because everything else is ok.File zip libraries maybe your camera? thanks
  9. They have solved the problem that the camera does not open?
  10. on my x900 is okay, GPS'll quickly, rom for me ok for the moment no counterpart problema.Grazie for your work continues.
  11. the camera bug is fixed? thank you