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  1. Mega Link Source Brush the best exit before the music as the account, or the first boot need to log on account before they can enter the desktop 23S update instructions: The official did not give the update log, their experience. Add Dolby Sound Music tool to add a new version of the detection entry Add the complete ROOT SuperSU-v2.79-SR3 version Keep the weather, the application store (application store in the system / app / LetvStore inside LetvStore.apk.bak to LetvStore.apk restart on it) Remove the headlines of the desktop and watch it Preserve preference backup for partial user recovery software data Speed display (steward - flow control - traffic settings) is on 【Settings】 interface to increase and music toolbox and freezer, intelligent recording screen Host part of the ad Modify the desktop Live button for the lock screen Increase the RE manager (good uninstall built-in software) Streamline the official large number of useless software and resources, more memory and more power Keep track of music and music to see search compass remote control housekeeper wallet theme and other practical tools Built-in 4 software, do not need to set the freeze or uninstall in the set to delete, restart (hope to help activate and then delete the oh) Power saving tips: Turn off a variety of software self-Kai, remove some useless built-in software, do not install too many XP plug-in, do not have the best not to tick activation, so save a lot of power Developer option / the animation zoom off, so smoother CPU core settings and freezer! From the LAY team cold rain night god, without permission, forbidden to steal use, or chase treatment! ● Support for xposed framework components for custom installation or uninstallation ● support xposed frame (module necessary artifacts) ● frame module to use: open the music toolbox → xposed frame → module, which in the inside of the module to check the restart on the line ● support model camouflage (can disguise the QQ space to talk about the tail, what changes on the line, need to brush into the xposed frame components) ● support Dolby audio entrance (more sound sound) ● Support freezer (can freeze or unload any unwanted application) ● support Wifi password view (you can view the connected WIFI password) ● support memory release (after the release of large memory, 4G can be left 3G, 3G can be left 2G) ● music toolbox to increase performance monitoring ● Added turbo download ● New DPI values are modified ● Add an incoming flash (the default is turned on and can be turned off in Settings - Accessibility) Support Viper sound effects ● support cpu core functions, can be free to open nuclear ● support advanced power supply, restart to brush machine mode ● Status bar customization ● Increase the project mode shortcut entry Very clean and stable ROM, working really smooth and fast. Just delete some chinese Apps with root uninstaller. Enjoy! For me this is the smoothest version which is available. Lineage is missing this fluency this time, maybe this will change soon (i hope). No camera Bugs!
  2. Xposed Framework working!!!
  3. For me Google Camera does not work, it freezes and FC.
  4. Yes working well!!!
  5. At The Moment downloading takes too long (very Slow), maybe I'll catch it later.
  6. Google Camera FC, Open Camera does not work either, Camera MX and Cameringo are working well. System is very stable and smooth, still go on testing it. Nice job Kangburra!
  7. App Management - - > Google Play Store - - > delete Cache /Data - - > Start Playstore again - - > agree Thats all!
  8. laikexpert you are totally right, it would be very nice when someone could debloat it and maybe add "Le Camera". Then this Rom would be perfect! I'm running Swiftkey Keyboard, i would prefer this. I'm hopefully waiting for a new Version!