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  1. V117 is working fine(xposed too), except WhatsApp Bug with Standard Gallery. Nice Job Kangburra!
  2. Thanks Mate!!!
  3. Kangburra great Work!!! Btw.what do you mean with using WhatsApp gallery from camera. Can you explain?
  4. NO problem, it's not your fault. In lineage everything is working but on AOSP it crashes. It seems WhatsApp is working on this cause they are publishing Lots of betas.
  5. Lineage is working nice! WhatsApp fine too. AOSP is a bit smarter but these little bugs annoying me. Can't live with it.
  6. It has the same problem, 20s 23s and the Dev. You need to Dial *#*#46360000#*#* to disable resource background control. It seems China doesn't like WhatsApp...
  7. For me The WhatsApp Bug could not be repaired, it always crashes when sending from gallery, only Photos. Video sending is working. So i went back to purple rapid Edition of 20s which is stable and everything is working as it should. Hope someone can finally fix this Bug in WhatsApp. (even with all permissions Set it crashes)
  8. On wazls AOSP i did not have this bug Thats strange!!! I debloated his rom manually and everything works, so I dont know why the error happens.... GReetings
  9. When flashing the zip file everything okay. But no letvcamera icon After reboot. And the camera app freezes and crashes System.
  10. Nice job guys, i have the known WhatsApp Bug. When sending picture out of gallery, WhatsApp crashes everytime. Even with right permissions no chance to get it working. Any solutions?