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  1. Looks good basic functions working well but camera poor quality and cant set pattern. Please continue your work, i appreciate it! Is it possible to get camera working on full quality?
  2. Very nice work, when will the camera be fixed?
  3. Can you provide some Screenshots!???
  4. Nice work friend! Hope you get The camera fixed!!! Fingerprint is not important!
  5. You should use ADM(Advanced Download Manager) App. I can download every ROM from baidu server with highspeed. You only have to go in Browser settings and activate "Desktop Mode". Then copy your Pan Baidu Link to the Browser. Then Start Download. Yes i checked the size and it's strange...
  6. Source Mega Link Based on red rice note4 latest Polish version of the production Change the screen density to 450 Remove the status bar search plugin The perfect theme can be downloaded directly to not restore Add full ROOT permissions Streamline redundant files Moderately thin to remove redundant components Moderate system procedures Update the baseband version to the latest signal more stable Support fingerprint recognition Support system cloned Supports fingerprint switching system Repair millet services Solve the problem of adding color temperature adjustment Add the button lights off The default active Xposed frame version is the latest 86 version Support fast charge charging about 3 minutes a minute After testing most of the BUG has been fixed for a long time without problems Support telecom card short message reception and so no problem Based on the latest version of the Polish version of MIUI compared to the previous version of the end of the package into Poland, to reduce the promotion More pure and stable Use a few days did not find anything BUG
  7. Testing ROMs takes some time so I hope i can provide the good ones for you! In China you got about 5 roms a day, and a lot of MIUI versions so Its not so easy to figure out what is good.
  8. Yeah hope there will be no more trouble. I'm using the Rom the whole day and it's very smooth and battery life is great!