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  1. MULTI

    yep! bule don't add what needed to enter in this mode, look your IMEI and tell me if it changed, i reback on 15S BB72, i flashed ghost45 v7 to get back radio information to change IMEI . This a good rom, bule just need add notifications led blink , mediatek ingeneer mod, for battery drain, Lspeed , greenify with xsposed can help or 3C Toolbox with root
  2. MULTI

    hi all , little revue, so, this is good rom but problem with notifications led isn't working !! get some msg/mms/sms/calls led not blinking!!! perhaps i did mistake to activate it ?!!! Rom have battery speed drain for 2h, 5% left away, when EUI lost 1% for 12hours !!! i'll see if after 5/6 full charges if it's same there is 6 chinese apps , i deactivate them .... Can't enter un engineer mod with dial *#*#3646633#*#* or with app like MTK Engineer Tool And Funny thing, i get another IMEI Same revue for Mokee rom .....
  3. hi, can anyone download, upload and share files for me , it will be super cool, need those files ... problem for me i don't understand chinese to create Baidu account and download files , it's not for a phone but for tab .... need all files thx .. link -> repository files
  4. Salut! 

    Besoin d'aide. J'ai upgrade mon LeTV x500 1s tout à l'heure avec la dernière version du 5.8.017s du x507 mais adaptée au x500 apparement. Bref, tout fonctionne, mais j'ai le même putain de message de sa race qui pop-up à tout va "google play services has stopped". Le truc c'est que j'ai bien clear cache/force stop, delete/reinstall et fais la même chose pour toutes les app google (via google installer), mais rien n'y fait. Tu saurais m'aider sur ce cas ?  

  5. hi, try to look around forum to find issue or be care when you read tutorial
  6. hi sravans upss weird , before was possible to put imei by this method ?!!!!!! i was did it ...... did you flash phone with sp-flashtool ? if you did flash by recovery , try by sp-flashtool
  7. hi so_so For imei easyway, look phonebox your imei is write, downgrade to 12S , i look in 15S , it's not available to change 1/ on dial => *#*#3646633#*#* 2/ Go => Connectivity / CDS Information / Radio Information write eg choose 1,7 for phone 1, add write in quotes your imei "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" , clic ok and write eg choose 1,10 for phone 2, add write in quotes your imei "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" , clic ok
  8. MULTI

    no prob , send me howto in my mail i will test and reply , issue must be find.. and will make flash zip
  9. MULTI

    hi BB72, can you do something to lock 900 mghz active please ? after reboot must be check to activate
  10. MULTI

    So ... made new installation .. all is ok .. nope , impossible to login in LeEco account .... very cursed .. i am .. did a clean data , by settings/applications setting on every leeco appz ... nothing work .... okey I'll darken on the wall opposite me .... For BB72, Is it possible to make double tap to wake phone ? you made tap to close
  11. MULTI

    i came from clean install , vn6mod to stock 15s (wipe data, cache, dalvik) flash by recovery bb72 patch (wipe cache , dalvik) testing wipe all , noting work ... i am cursed ...
  12. MULTI

    hi tibcsi, same thing in english on stock launcher and nova ..
  13. MULTI

    Hi all , BB72 2 bugs => contatcs , "as stopped" and same thing for feedback
  14. For those have problem with pdanet , you can install TWRP 3.0.0 or by sp-flashtool => Download TWRP recovery 3 and 3.0-1 => HERE => Start Sp-flashtool with right admin => In Download agent, choose DA_PL.bin => Choose one TWRP and load scatter file
  15. MULTI

    Hi , little rom review For 900mghz, it must be checked in engineering (enter in this mod by dial => *#*#3646633#*#*), under BandMode, after reboot ..lost it, this is disadvantage For DLNA , i use BubbleUPNP , work like a charm I install L Speed and made quick mod by default , better battery consumption with wifi and data For bug installation of nokia Here , double icon