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  1. Uninstall "Google Play services" update and it will be OK.
  2. Sounds nice! So when we can expect new version?
  3. And what's with new version?
  4. When the new version will be avaible?
  5. Can someone upload a screenshots of this rom? Will in V4 everything works fine? LeCamera and others? To install i need to have Chinese TWRP? Is this rom have MiraVision?
  6. After installing xposed the biggest problem is that my status bar is getting stuck.
  7. Hello, Full wipe is needed to flash new version of this rom? Is xposed working fine?
  8. After flashed xposed my status bar is working slower. Did you have this issue?
  9. I have installed AOSP v49, Le Camera, gapps and xposed.
  10. I flashed it via TWRP and i still have old camera. I also have problem with status bar which is expanding very slowly.
  11. Hello, I have a problem. Since few days my Le 2 Pro is overheating and getting some discolouration at top of the screen. It is happening in every roms.. Actually I am using LineageOS. Where is the problem? Is it hardware?
  12. To improve battery working do you recommend install this apk: L Speed, Greenify, Amplify or something?
  13. Lineage

    I installed logcat, uploading logs here and restart the phone 2 times. After that everything is good.