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  1. For me not work calculator in "acceso rapido" Ill try to reinstall, maybe was a problem
  2. In the shortcut menu where are flashlight, computer, internet alarm, gps, the computer does not work how can i fix that?
  3. For me it works nicely, although after total charging, the battery is consumed up to 86% slightly more accelerated, then it goes normal my problem is how to change some default to the app, how to change them, it is set, but still with default opens For example, I'm using google chrome, it's default, but it's with the original browser opens! How can I solve this?
  4. good rom, smoothness, and fast! well done
  5. i instaled this rom, work good, but i have other problem I can not download from google play, with the internet from the phone network. to system settings, app settings, downloads do not allow downloads, and above, only download wifi, but not cellular networks? how to fix that? i have unlimited network on cellular
  6. work good, battery is excelent i use only morelocale2 , I have not uninstalled anything from the cinese app It generally works well
  7. Pete80pro and kingoftf, I have been watching you for a long time and I want to thank you and congratulate you for your passion with which you always bring new software
  8. EUI

    This is AOSP rom?