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  1. @Serhat Battery menu force closed when language is not set to English can you fix?
  2. EN/CN

    I try to replace MI guard apk but phone gets into bootloop
  3. Can you make build for x800cn based on 20s? Roque version is lock for us until we pay for unlocking
  4. EN/CN

    @Serhat Can you do something with this latest miui ROM like you do with previous one?
  5. EN/CN

    There is new version 7.1.25.
  6. Hey guys , i have big problem with this and rogue pig ROM also, clean install, format all except intenal storage, after connecting phone with smartwatch i have some freezing and after force restart get into bootloop. There is no right sequence to reproduce problem but I think there is something wrong with BT or root. I tried almost 10 times to install everything from scratch and always got bootloop after while, I'm realy tired, back to 6.12.22 1 attempt... Install rogue pig rom over his 6.12.22 only wipe dalvic and cache, got series of errors, unusable phone 2 attempt...try torra33 rom, everything same. 3 attempt...format all without internal, install rogue rom and after update susper su binaries and install backup from TB, got freeze and forced restart take me to bootloop 4 attempt...all same with tora33 rom 5 attempt...rogue rom, clean install, try to install first google play services and after that super su update binaries, install backup from TB, restart many times, pair watch with phone, restart...bootloop 6 attempt...everything same with torra rom(without google part) 7 attempt...clean install again with rogue rom, but first install google services and android ware, restart phone...bootloop 8 attempt...i dont know what i do...:( Now, I'm back to 6.11.22 rogue and everything is perfect
  7. For me also proximity dont work well everytime, capacitive buttons light are blinking, and sometimes display also. I'm on rogue pig rom
  8. EN/CN

    Every notification works ok, viber, fb, Gmail, Aliexpress... @tora33 Thanks for download link man!
  9. Ok thanks man Just one question, can you do something with color and contrast mode? It seems that they don't work on our phone, neither in miui or in leeco display settings.
  10. This is from some previous version that I use Can you tell me how to input my language? It isn't inside along with other languages. My language is Serbian
  11. @Serhat Can you do that with this framework-res.apk please? https://www.dropbox.com/s/4zvchq3olpzt21e/framework-res.apk?dl=0
  12. EN/CN

    @tora33 Try in your ROM...open Call app and long press recent button, did new menu options appear or just vibrate? Or you can try with titanium backup app, don't show menu options while long press recent button, everything else work ok. Ps. for me, GPS fix satellites faster on this ROM compare to yours, but I like what you do and keep up with good work!
  13. EN/CN

    In your ROM long press recent button don't work like it should, and GPS is bad. In this version everything works very well for me Keep up with good work and thanks for everything