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  1. No, 023S was build with these langs: CN, EN, RU, IT, ES, FR, DE.
  2. Ok, if you sure about hardware connection with this wakelock, that is why it's a hardware trouble and it can't be fixed by any ROM. The same way as mentioned in rules of installation. If you want to save your additional apps and settings, just clear Cache & Dalvik, restart from TWRP to TWRP and than just install 023S version. Lite Mod or clean stock - there is no difference in installation process except one thing. In case of clean stock you need to make second time of restarting from TWRP to TWRP after installation process is finished. If you have a desire to save your custom recovery (TWRP). If not, you can just restart to system after installation process if finished (in case of clean stock) and next time you will try to access recovery you will see a stock version.
  3. Ok. Let's go forward and find out what exact software are eating your battery. First method i mentioned for you (Wakelock Detector) and it's found some strange behavior (EINT). Don't stop on it, make a google search, find other methods for fixing your troubles.
  4. What is EINT Wakelock? Why is it waked x1008 times? This is nothing unusual? You need to understand how long you are using your battery? More than 2 years? Can you realize how many charges/discharges your battery did? I think for those instances that have not passed 1000 charges/discharges this bug is not common.
  5. Look, asking anybody to guess is not right way. Nobody could tell you what is exact your problem. You can find out it only by self. Start to use some monitor App like Wakelock Detector or similar to check what's in your OS is eating your battery. Long tap on empty screen place -> slide left to this AD screen -> tap on the "Eye" button that is above this screen to make it striked
  6. Still don't know what is the source of this problem. It appears with some another Apps that is installing through TWRP. With Viper i thought it's because of changes made into build.prop. But test of restoring build.prop back to stock version made me clear of this idea. If you will solve this or will have ideas about reason please be free to write me into PM. By links to my Clouds there are all versions to download. Not only Lite Mod but clean stock too. Please read and look carefully. For this we have a solution at the first part of thread pages: - Type *#*#46360000#*#* and disable "Background Resource Control" - Enable autostart for all preferred Apps - Disable any Greenefyers and suspenders (at Phone Manager also) - Restart EUI
  7. Just tried Gyro in few Youtube 360 videos and can tell that it's working good. Sensitivity is little bit high but it's not a big trouble.
  8. Sorry, but I can't help you. Because i don't remember what was the year number when i last used MMS. And I have nobody from my local friends here who is interested in and can assist me with similar testing of MMS functionality. Is there still such a country where MMS is an up-to-date service?
  9. Yes, there is the same functionality when you can clear all apps, clear some exact app (by swipe up) and lock protection for exact app (buy swipe down) to not clear it by global button. All works from Control Center that is accessec by left soft touch button.
  10. In my tests of 026S v1.2a and in tests of one my friend we found that Bluetooth is not working and having FC every time when we try to enable it. I guess it's because of troubles in Tr or Hu translation for this app. Please, somebody who used this version of Lite Mod (026S v1.2a), check this behavior and notice me about results. It results will be the same, i will update version 1.2a with older Bluetooth app where is no Tr and Hu translation for app to work good for everybody.
  11. Hungarian is exist only from 026S. Please use it.
  12. This is because chinese symbols in build.prop. Exactly here: ro.product.name=乐视超级手机1 Inside OS you have a SuperSU. So please, if you need Twitter to work good, just edit this file and replace chinese symbols by any latin. And then reboot.
  13. For those who already have the installed Lite Mod 026S v1.1a and wants to get in the interface Turkish or Hungarian language, you can install only the patch (without any wipes) from FEX or MEGA (look for file name FIx_HU-TR_026S.zip). Also, everybody can use a new uploaded version 1.2a of Lite Mod 026S by links from first post of thread. All difference between 1.1a and 1.2a versions is just added languages. If you don't need them so you don't need to make an update.
  14. It's not nessecary to make a multiposting... If you can share a Turkish language repo, i will take it for including into ROM from next version of EUI. If not - than what you want from me?