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  1. Hi tora33, thank's for the ROM and all the effort you spent. Is it possible to add some more languages, specifically German do i need. Thank's and regards Mathias
  2. Hi, is German language also supported by the ROM from default? Regards Mathias
  3. what do think is currently the best ROM with multilanguage (german included) we can use for X900?
  4. Hi, thank's for the quick answer, any other works good? any known issues or bugs?
  5. Hi tora33, many thank's for all your work and effort on developing LeTV custom ROM's. I have a X900 as my second phone, please can you tell me if the fingerprint is working on the X900 with this ROM? Any other known bugs so far? Best regards Mathias

    Hi, thank's for the advise but doesn't helped. I wiped before installation, then after the installation not, but then constantly reboot. So far the only ROM's that worked are Stock, Evolution-ROM's from Steve Mars and CUOCO92-13s. If i install the CUOCO92-17s, there is same problem, constantly reboots. I installed also LineageOS 14 for X800, but Fingerprint and Camera are not working there. I search for a stable Android 6 based Multilanguage (German language included) ROM, any ideas what else i can try? Best regards Mathias

    Hello Spzjulien , i liked to test your 17s version, but it doesn't boot, just restart constantly. I tried clean installation with all wipes as well with keeping Data coming from the CUOCO92 13s ROM, as well coming from a Stock 17s ROM. Do you have a idea to fix this. Can i install standallone bootloader from stock on top? If yes is there a zip file available for this to install via TWRP? Thanks for your help in advance and best regards Mathias
  8. Hello, just to mention here that on the MoKee Dev site you can find the first nightlies for Le 2 X520 https://download.mokeedev.com/?device=s2 Have fun to test it. Best regards Mathias
  9. Hi spzjulien.supercowz, i have a running ROM 13s from CUOCO92. Now i tried to install your ROM 17s via TWRP. I have done the wipe of - dalvik/ART cache; - cache; - data and started the installation, end without any errors. Then wiped dalvik/ART cache and reboot to system. Now the phone reboot permanently all 7-8 seconds, no boot, no start. Do you have a idea? Best regards Mathias
  10. MULTI

    Hi, thank's, but was not helpfull. Do you have read my message completely? What all i tried so far and that i like to have a working Multilanguage ROM...
  11. MULTI

    Hi, over the last days, i have tried a lot to get it running. I have wiped the complete phone and installed via TWRP many differnet ROM's. The one which ever boot and start correctly is the last 20s Stock-ROM - but i like to have a multilingual Custom-ROM... CUOCO92-17s doesn't boot - bootloop, restart all 6 seconds. On Evolution-ROM's from Steve Mars and now also CUOCO92-13s, they booting but then if the setup starts they directly stuck on "Insert SIM card"... i have inserted a SIM-CARD and restart but everytime the same. the CM14 Android 7.1 By Flour_MO ROM boot fine but have some issues currently with camera not working and because is build for X800 usually no fingerprint will work at all. Do anybody have a idea to solve / skip this "insert SIM card" during phone setup? So far i tried to setup with 20s stock, take a backup with TWRP from "Data" installed other ROM, restored the backup of "Data"... but then the phone also do not boot correctly.. Do anyone have further ideas?? Thaqnk's and regards Mathias
  12. Hello furious.builder, please can you share a link for me, where i can download the TWRP 3.0.2-0 and a working CM13 ROM for LeTV / LeEco Le MAX X900+ Many thank's in advance. Best regards Mathias
  13. MULTI

    Hi, thank's again but it doesn't work. I have received another phone Le Max X900 and the installation was running very fast and without any issues, it was an 4GB 128GB Version with EUI Stock 5.5.008S installed. The only difference between the Models i can see from outside is that the successful one have LeTV X900 and that one which doesn't will work have a LeTV X900+ on the backside. Can this cause the issue?? Do you can recommend other stabil ROM that i can try to install? I can see you are on TOMATO BOY 20s ? I will start next try on the weekend... Thank's and Best regards Mathias
  14. MULTI

    Hi, thank's for the really fast answer on my issue. I have installed Stock-ROM MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5801708251S-5.8.017S.zip via TWRP but it also doesn't start :o(( The only ROM that is starting currently is Stock-ROM 1482458743_MAX1_X900-CN-FN-CEXCNFN5902012221S-5.9.020S.zip I have installed it, then go to TWRP Recovery and installed LeECO_LeMAX_CN_X900_ROW_5.8.017S_CUOCO92.zip without any wipes, but it doesn't start. I'm at the end on my knowledge and ideas ... :o(( Do you have any further ideas? Beside of that i would be really interested on your new experiences with your new phon Mi Mix ;o) Best regards Mathias
  15. MULTI

    Hi, i have the phone Le Max X900+ and have installed TWRP and Last Stock version 5.9.20s. Then i have flashed this ROM (all wipes done) without any installation errors, but the phone is not starting. I installed the ROM before some weeks on another phone and is working directly and all okay, but this phone now i have here is not starting with this ROM. Do you have idea what can be wrong? Thank's and best regards Mathias