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Ангел Дикански

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  1. MULTI

    spzjulien . Will you make 20 or 23 multilingual rum
  2. Will there be multilingual?
  3. AdbDrivers не мога да инсталирам. компютър вижда телефона I fixed it! There was a problem with drivers in your computer
  4. AdbDrivers I can not install. computer sees the phone
  5. please !!! Help !!!
  6. Wrote that a problem with the driver. But the computer does not find the driver install it to solve the problem Your operating system is Windows 10
  7. spzjulien.supercowz It will not help us anymore. There are 20 ... 23. Would not it make multilingual rum? PLEASE !!!!!!!
  8. I wanted to see Youtube clip. For something specific
  9. Replace display
  10. Hello! I'm from Bulgaria. I want to ask you, how can you dismantle the phone display? Thank you! Nowhere find in Youtube!
  11. I tried it, but gave up. I can not cope with such bugs!
  12. Requiest

    Hello! Will we cyanogen mod?
  13. Requiest

    I want cyanogen mod for my letv X900
  14. MULTI

    Super's all I use. Running smoothly. Abe is super / I hope you also enjoy 7.0.
  15. MULTI

    I'm from Bulgaria. Do not speak English. I use google translator. Is that a problem ? I'm surprised if this is an obstacle