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  1. MULTI

    I can echo Silentsnoop's sentiments. This version is the only ROM where our in-the-middle-of-rural-france SIM cards work without any problems whatsoever! Given that SWMBO now has the same phone, I think another BB72 donation is in order (I do hope that others are of the same mind).
  2. MULTI

    I had the same problem with Nova Launcher. I went to Accessibility/Services and turned on Nova Launcher. Everything is fine now.
  3. Is it possible to remove the camera icon from the lock screen on the Le 2? Thanks in advance.
  4. I ordered my first Le 2 pro from geekbuying (rose gold) . I've just ordered a second one in force gold which was shipped yesterday. http://m.geekbuying.com/item/LeTV-LeEco-Le-2-Pro-X620-5-5inch-FHD-4G-LTE-Android-6-0-Helio-X20-Smartphone-MTK6797-Deca-Core-4GB-32GB-21-0MP-Touch-ID-Type-C-Fast-Charge---Force-Gold-369490.html
  5. MULTI

    I should have said that I have an Le 2 Pro (maybe that's the difference?)
  6. MULTI

    My bb72 15S works fine with my MDFi flip case. Have you turned on the Hall induction in Accessibility?
  7. I notice that Android 6 has changed the DNS settings by providing a switch to input static addresses. Everything works fine except for one problem: when I turn the switch off, it reverts to the default IP address and I loose my DNS settings! Does anyone know if there is a way round this issue because none of my DNS changer apps work as well as they did in Android 5 and I need to switch from France to the UK quite often. Thanks in advance.
  8. MULTI

    Everything is fine now . l did an advanced wipe and reinstalled the ROM. Excellent work. Many thanks.
  9. MULTI

    I have just installed the latest BB72 ROM (plus latest OTA) but I can't sign into Google Play Store. I keep getting 'Wrong Password'. I have checked my google account through the browser and everything is OK. (I am using UK English language.) It also not longer asks me for my google email address. Is this a new feature?
  10. Yes it does! Great work!
  11. Does this ROM work on the LE2 Pro?
  12. I don't think that the IR works with third party apps. However the built-in remote controler works well with my Samsung and Philips TVs on my custom ROM.
  13. That worked! Many thanks.
  14. Hi thanks for the quick reply. I have tried the Pro ROM but I still have the same problem.