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  1. Tora thanks for rom but greenfy is block notification i try every solution and whatsapp stay background no notification came until i open the app i delete greenfy now ok thanks again your work
  2. failed to mkdir /system/etc/firmware/wcd9320/wcd9320_mbhc.bin: Read-only file system symlink: failed to symlink /system/etc/firmware/wcd9320/wcd9320_mbhc.bin to /data/misc/audio/mbhc.bin: making parents failed symlink: failed to symlink /system/etc/firmware/wcd9320/wcd9320_mbhc.bin to /data/misc/audio/mbhc.bin: No such file or directory script aborted: symlink: some symlinks failed symlink: some symlinks failed ok i solve it i did wipe it and your wipe screen next without wipe and install ok now thanks
  3. Tora which trwp did u use install all this rom i have 3.1.1 its cant install with this trwp when i push install backside on phone your installation page frontside trwp secren seen together and stuck there
  4. İ cant install this rom its say maunt system error its busy or use...
  5. Now dear friends I will give the solution of problems that occur after unbrick leeco pro3 who has internal storage problem like this infinite thanks to my Chinese friend Hua found this solution by itself and thanks tora33 from leeco.re and mbtt from forum.one-teams(i use picture from him) I'm not in charge of the operation to be performed, is designed to assist you in these processes Charge your mobile phone 1) download : qfil, (that have correct partition) and put in C:/ https://yadi.sk/d/piVn4bpf3MqcHC 2) download : FlashOne1,9 , put in a folder and extract it , https://yadi.sk/d/PmVChpqZ3Mj2hz 3) download :fastboot rom https://yadi.sk/d/uzdwFhie3MqcJs 4)download qq driver https://yadi.sk/d/U4SIDH3B3Mixsh run "FlashOne1,9" How to qfil Flash When select qfil flash type, press power key, volume up and volume down key at the same time, then the phone enter into qfil mode, connect USB cable with PC, wait for PC install driver automatically, then press ‘Refresh’ button on the tool, serial port will display on UI, select the port you want to flash, and make sure there is no other qcom device connected. Select corresponding flash zip file, the path of zip file should not contain Chinese and special character. (Under qfil mode, the tool can’t get hardware information, you should check if the software and hardware is matching yourself.) Press ‘Flash’ button, then start to unzip flash zip file to current folder, but if there is already a corresponding unzip file existing, ‘Decompression folder is exist, re-decompress or not?’ dialog will pop up, if select yes, will re-decompress, else not. After unzip finished, start to flash the phone automatically, and the progress bar display flashing progress(for me the bar not move stuck %1 i did wait 15minute then unplug phone and push power button long time, and at the same time, the flashing log will also be shown on UI. After flash complete or error happened, a notification dialog will pop up. after phone start go boot logo and wait by the way open fastboot rom and push le_zl1_fastboot everyting go fine u get 24gb for 32gb phone and 54gb for 64gb phone good luck i hope help you
  6. For find the lost part because wipe everyting and delete partition i have only 26gb with no rom or you do it with 64gb phone same you lost 4gb i wanna find this solution can u copy the sda9 file with trwp(thats phone is still no need qfil one) and will u upload here pls thanks
  7. So any one have solution?
  8. İ try that
  9. Hi everyone after qfil i try ever solution but no sucsees about internal storage its always ~20gb i wanna try delete sda9 section because my sda9 ~4gb in normal contition phone has 4096kb So any one go in trwp and copy to sda 9 and send here?
  10. İ did it but it cant help telephone show 32gb but real capacity not correct
  11. after qfil unbrick my internal storage seen 9gb after format sd card ıts show 32gb but there is some problem real stiation its have 10gb system file its too big after search google i find normal contition leeco ramdump file 4096kb but my phone rumdump file 4194304kb its very big (that is size my phone lost size) i try in trwp format data and wipe.. vs but no one help me. anyone know how to format hole internal storage or change ramdump size ?
  12. thnaks tora33 and mudur1998 i do everything now my phone get back and alive but i have one probem more my phone 32gb after qfil its show 9gb and i did go next step fastboot rom its ok too but i look in phone storage it show 32gb 10gb used and 19gb free but i connect it computer its show 19gb not show 10gb its normal?
  13. Thanks a lot i hope its work
  14. There is no message