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  1. thnaks tora33 and mudur1998 i do everything now my phone get back and alive but i have one probem more my phone 32gb after qfil its show 9gb and i did go next step fastboot rom its ok too but i look in phone storage it show 32gb 10gb used and 19gb free but i connect it computer its show 19gb not show 10gb its normal?
  2. Thanks a lot i hope its work
  3. There is no message
  4. I try that but not help still phone dead
  5. My phone is dead now i wanna install qfil file. But driver ok when i connect the phone its show qd loader 9008 afterdo that i go next step install qfil i do evey instruction but its stuck on %1. Its stay there very very long time but nothing happen.What can i do for it?
  6. MULTI

    There is 1 bug too when i open battery saver for exmple %10 phone said when drop batery walue %10 launcher stopped its always said that its stop when i put it the charging its happen in turkhish language
  7. MULTI

    İts happened intsall add.zip before instal. No problem
  8. MULTI

    İts said sorry camera iş stoped when i push camera setting its same in english language
  9. MULTI

    Rom has camera issue when select camera setting they say launcher stop its have all language can you send update
  10. Power saving option sleep long standby open ,alingn wake open battery assistant not open this is their setting. By the way when i open the phone its say orange state This phone has been unloced and cant be trusted iş it normal thanks
  11. Hi everybody i have problem about network when i surf in internet suddenly network break after a litle time it came back its normal maybe 20minute then network break again. İ use bb72rom