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  1. Hello everyone Is there a way to change the quick access apps to one's that we prefer ?
  2. MULTI

    Can any one tell me how to change tje luncher without problems ? Cuz when i change it i have a problem with task manager when i close all programs the screen comes back to the task manager
  3. MULTI

    We want it to fix the push notifications problem
  4. MULTI

    For me it didn't work I think i should go back to 16s
  5. MULTI

    Can anyone help me with the downgrade to 16s Push notifications doesnt work at all I dont recieve emails or whatsapp nothing Please anyone
  6. MULTI

    my friend i told you i tried it and it didnt work I did a test with the app push notification tester I didnt recive any notification untill i did a reboot I also installed the pnf fixer but no go I dont understand it was all going well before the update
  7. MULTI

    I didnt get what you imply for I tired the previous solutions and it didnt work Do i have to go back to 16s The problem is universal its there in all of the apps Sometimes i need to reconnect to the wifi network in order to get the new messages Thank.you though
  8. MULTI

    Can any one please provide a solution to the notifications problem tried every thing root push notification fixer didn't work either The problem is not only with whatsapp but also with the gmail app am not getting any notifications about my new emails untill i open the gmail app and refresh the messages Please help
  9. MULTI

    I checked that already And the problem seems to effect the push notification like whatsapp is not getting the messeges until i open it Ps : this heppend after the update
  10. MULTI

    Hello guys I have a big problem , when my device goes to deep sleep mode it losses the wifi connection, what should i do I didn't activte any power option in the battery
  11. After you unlock the boot loader dont restart the device by the fastboot rebbot command You have to restart it manually by keep pressing the power botton then you will get rid of the red state
  12. MULTI

    But the app lock application was way better Now when you unlock an app it stays unlocked the whole time untill you lock the device and unlock it again
  13. MULTI

    Applock with finger print is still missing