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  1. You removed the status bar battery percentage? Because it is not so good. When using Pixel Launcher, it just stays white in the app grid, not changing colors like other incons in the status bar. We can add manually percentage using SystemUI Tuner.
  2. Strange... When i install from Play Store, it worked fine. I even uninstalled the stock one. But no need to hurry. Thanks for this awesome ROM.
  3. Looks like @Kangburra has a lot of work to do based only in what we ask. But i must agree: can you rearrange the capacitative buttons like we had on Stock and LineageOS? Multitask, Home and Back button are all like 2.3 Android version in this ROM.
  4. Thank you, master!
  5. Would be much better. Even Screencall is better. And no bugs too. Same for Pixel Launcher.
  6. @Kangburra is it possible to add Google Dialer as default? I guess it's better than stock one, and icon of stock dialer is soooo old...
  7. Whoa! Next version is gonna be V213? LOL! The ROM is getting even better. Thanks for the hard work!
  8. A dedicated thread is always better. I love the screen settings in this ROM, i don't saw it in the LineageOS for our devices.
  9. What GApps you flashed? I used pico GApps. Maybe this the reason. You must do full wipe, install ROM and GApps, and then let the ROM settle a while. After one or two days, you will see battery working as it should.
  10. No fast charge for me. Screenshot is the same from stock ROM.
  11. Browser is really a problem, but we have better ones in the Play Store.
  12. In this ROM? Not even a lag.
  13. You have root access?