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  1. The topic is already highlighted as special, this will make the thread easier to be seen. Enjoy.
  2. Battery life is really better?
  3. Well, if you set all permissions, cleaned cache and data from app, then there's not much to do.
  4. Even after setting all permissions for Google Camera?
  5. Good work! Is Google Camera better than Snap Camera?
  6. Hey, @Kangburra. Please, make a separate thread for this ROM. It will be easier to follow your ROM and updates.
  7. Lineage

    No vibe in back/home/multitask buttons, he already know. And i couldn't turn on notifications light.
  8. Lineage

    Installed it. It's just the MX Camera. I used it before, but i prefer stock now.
  9. Lineage

    S6 Camera apk or another?
  10. Lineage

    That's some good news. Don't forget to backup your IMEI before installing new ROMs.
  11. Lineage

    Maybe you lost your IMEI. Or maybe you had a bad download. Try again and reflash ROM doing all wipes (Except Internal Storage).
  12. Lineage

    Thank you so much.
  13. Lineage

    @graineeg Best ROM so far. Camera is amazing! Great quality for a Custom ROM. But i have only one issue: How to enable vibration in the capacitative buttons (Home, Back, Multitask)?
  14. @Kangburra replied to me in XDA thread about Camera app in the ROM. It's Lenovo camera app.