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  1. Anything from here could be of some use, @marcelo_crispim? https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/www.xda-developers.com/vernee-releases-complete-source-code-for-mediatek-x20-based-apollo-lite/amp/
  2. Please, move it to a new topic. More people may see it.
  3. Nova in data or system... What's the difference?
  4. So please do it. This would solve the calling screen not working in other languages!
  5. Is it possible to add more Google Apps? Replace Le Dialer with Google Dialer and Message app, for example.
  6. MULTI

    Use XPOSED to set only dialer to English language. Translations problems.
  7. Wouldn't be possible to use files from that AOSP ROM to get these things working?
  8. LeEco Camera force close when i try to use beautiful mode with frontal camera.
  9. Can you provide the link? After using Chinese TWRP, can i wipe everything? Except for internal memory.
  10. I had a problem. I'm on BB72 020S, and when i wipe everything (except system), i reboot and i'm in EUI. The problem is BB72 recovery or i AM doing something wrong?
  11. Can i flash this ROM using BB72 TWRP? I'm on the lastest version (020S).
  12. Sweet! A few questions: Wouldn't be better to use Pixel launcher instead of Google Now Launcher? What about Android Stock icons instead of LeEco ones?
  13. So please, make Le Camera flashable zip available for download when you have time.
  14. We i get some free time, i would love to try using your tutorial.