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  1. I have little money right now, so i don't think you could sell it so cheap if it is in good conditions.
  2. There's not a Snapdragon with 10 cores. Only one, two, four, six or eight cores. And the better ones are with four cores, like the 820, 821, 835...
  3. No 10 core for Qualcomm. The max is 8 cores. They said that 4 cores is enough, and 6, 8 or more cores are just useless.
  4. Hahaha! I'll try it. But my curiosity made me try at least once the MTK chipset. It was not so bad in terms of usability. Just Custom ROM support is bad. But i never saw my Le 2 freeze under normal conditions.
  5. I will leave my account here. So please remove admin rights just to keep forum safe (You know, hacking and things we don't control is a possibility, specially if i don't access here everyday like these past days). If something change here in my life, i'll be back with Le 2 or other Le phone. Thank you all and keep up the amazing work with this device.
  6. OFF TOPIC: Unfortunatelly, my Le 2 is broken. The screen is shattered. I don't have money to buy another because my country is bad too and i don't even know if i'll be employed tomorrow. So i am going to stop accessing this forum that helped me so much. Thank you @tibcsi0407, @BB72TT, @Br@uliX, @pete80pro, @Kangburra and everyone else who helped me so much. Please, keep this forum as good as it is today.
  7. The last one i tried always get android system FC. I guess i'll try this one in the weekend.
  8. It's not the phone. I don't know what really happened. I was using v.99 of the ROM. I didn't updated yet. After a few updates, i'll come back to see if the problem persists.
  9. Not even XPOSED i installed. Not even removed a system app. It started today, and never occurred before. Only installing again solved, but i went to stock, 'cause i don't have time to install always all the apps.
  10. @Kangburra, unfortunately, i had to go back to Stock ROM. After 4 days of use, the ROM made my cellphone freeze. It didn't even turn off the screen. I don't know what happened, because i didn't make any changes to system or anything. Tried rebooting several times, but it always occurred after 5 seconds of screen on.
  11. It installs without problem? After install apk, you update the XPOSED with v87 inside app? This is strange...
  12. When i install XPOSED in this ROM, it force closes everytime. But after a reboot, it works flawlessly.
  13. Oh, now i understand... This is no problem for me. I used to rely more on the status bar notifications.
  14. No problem. I can wait instead of downloading lastest version. Only when grid app is showing?