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  1. Look's good, but are you sure, it has English language?
  2. Would you like to post a link here, please?
  3. Very good idea!
  4. MULTI

    When comes new update/version? Anyone knows?
  5. MULTI

    Can i install this update somehow without loosing my data?
  6. It'll be nice to know how to unbrick Cool 1/C106 ;-) thanks!
  7. Please, write in English. It's international website.
  8. HI! I'd like to buy Cool 1 from Aliexpress, http://s.aliexpress.com/BJFVvqqA (from AliExpress Android). I dont know to buy unopend box or let them instal their own multilang Rom? Where have you bought your Cool1? Do you recommend?
  9. Have you tried with Kingroot or 360root? https://kingroot.net/ http://root.360.cn/m/index.html
  10. You can always use http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator. It's not perfect but better than nothing :-)
  11. MULTI

    Hi all! Will x620 Rom or other roms for le2pro X20 work also in Le2pro X25? Is anybody tried it? Have anyone ROM for X25? Thanks for info!
  12. Maybe now? ;-)
  13. So Could You make some low light samples? ;-)
  14. Don't worry, it's not urgent ;-) Have a nice week! :-)
  15. Could You add some low-light samples? Thank you ;-)